Thursday, November 29, 2012

Buying a Bed...

Hello all, with Le New House almost furnish, it's time to spend a part of our savings on something more personal that we will really need --> our Bed!!

Back in our old house in 2008, Kristi and i share a double decker where i will take the centre bed while she took the lower one..
Blurry photo of my room taken in 2007 when i was trying to revamp them, /
by painting the bed frame pink!!

Anyway none of us fancy the upper deck because of that rusty sound it make so often that creep me out big time (i use to scream out loud when i heard the screeching because i could imagine the bed cracking into two pieces and the person sleeping on top came crashing down on me.. killing me.. haha

So this time with a bigger room..and us fully grown women (with my potential partner).. we agree the best will be to get a bed each so we dont end up pulling off each other's hair when we fell into an arguement trying to settle who will get to sleep where. 

i have absolutely little-to-zero budget for anything in the house .... our furnitures are currently those we can barely afford to pay, but we've trying realy really hard. after a couple of research (and Kristi's magical touch of her finger on the www. somewhere)..... we found this -->

In it there are many many user-friendly sub-categories of whatever you may need in a house.
so i begin my navigation by clicking on the Department --> Bedroom --> Bedframes --> Single bed

and then i was greeted with a huge array of beds to choose from .. all in Single size..!!~
Now here's the challenge = apart from trying to split up Kristi & me into two seperate beds, we are also afraid that with two women in the same room , it becomes a clad of mess... so what could be more important than STORAGE?
Do you know? is very much cheaper to purchase a Queen size bed than a single bed when it conmes to buidling storage space? This is because Storage bed for Queen size bed has standard parts manufactured and readily available in the market, whereas the same for Single size bed has to be special customize?  Simple Queen size Storage can set you back for as low as $299 for the bed frame alone... while same storage bed in Single size will cost you $499
Somehow i was tempted to get this bed in preparation for the days me Ladies pop over for a staycation or simply for the boyfriend when he agrees to stay the night... whoever invented this clearly has a knick of mind on what consumer secretly hope to have.. Except this does not comes with a handy storage and so i have to let it pass
the idea of a drawer as storage sounds very temping but our parents were strongly against it for they do not see how we will make use of the space without complaining when we have to pull those drawer in and out all day without bumping onto each other.. 
Man a red bed!!~ cannot stop thinking of the "Red Room of Pain" that was vividly describe on the Fifty Shades Trilogy.. haha

ok back to reality, in actual fact almost ALL the bed available on can be customized into a color of your choices... and the price indicated on the website are flat rate (inclusive of free delivery). 

I guess there really isnt much to complain/ compare here... so with Kristi's approval (we need to agree on the same bed without argueing.. we narrow down our choices to ..........
a day bed!!~


No Not really..haha.. how to squeeze Mr Rodman and i into this tiny bed leh... surely not!!~

it was this fabulous buy on discount!!~ 
S$ 429 - Single size Bedframe that comes with Storage 
in the color BEIGE
That makes S$858 for two bed frame sponsor by our dear parents (thank you thank you thank you!!~)

The mattress was paid of by Kristi and myself so we chose this.. 
at a steal for $179 (firmness 6/10 and made of both spring + thick layer of foam )
As one of the most established mattress manufacturers in Singapore, Maliland's dedication to the art of mattress-making has remained steadfast for close to 20 years. "Quality Mattresses At Heartland Prices" has been, and always will be Maliland's motto, for generations to come. 

Maliland's New Generation Mattress contains a high quality Bonnell Spring system, and is topped off with a high-density foam padding and a layer of natural coconut fiber for firm back support. Made in medium firmness, the New Generation is a crowd-pleaser.

- Medium Firm, Firmness Scale Rating 6/10
- Bonnell Spring System
- Coconut Fibre Support
- High-density Foam Padding
- 5-Year Warranty

King: 190cm x 183cm x 20cm
Queen: 190cm x 152xm x 20cm
Super Single : 190cm x 107cm x 20cm
Single : 190cm x 91cm x 20cm

Total Damage: S$1216/=

and that only means comes (15dec2012 - the day of our delivery for they have to ship the stocks in)... i will return with another post on how the actual room looks like by now =)) so stay tune


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