Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holi"kun" Tioman - continue

Hi guys, back with more update on the seadventure, i cant wait to share this amazing heaven.....
embed our footprint in hope we'll always remember the journey we spend here.. 

Then the sun begin to set, and i got super excited and "demanded" a series of wallpaper pictures.. hurhurhur... my favorite among the lot.. 
and my Favorite-favorite has to be this... even if my stomach bulges out so badly..... 

i honestly think this is the real side of me... the funny, spastic irritating but certainly-dont-mean-it kind of person
doesnt the resort look as pretty during this time of the day? (oh man.. i wanna head back soon pls....)
a shot of Rodman to end day one.... since the night life there isnt much to rave about. 

Anyway to sum up, after we witness dawn, we got back to our resort to freshen up before heading out for dinner...   it was the Open kitchen BBQ we agreed in the morning... 

Business was brisking and every table was filled with traveller, mostly hogging on the internet and looking like they will "reserve" the seat almost the entire night... It started out pretty ok till we had a bad experience with the waiter.... almost an hour wait with no food to serve..

Nevertheless we da-bao some local delights back to our room and spend the evening re-watching "Lord of the Ring" that was airing on TV... then when we ran out of things to watch we caught an interesting documentary of Aeroplane crashing... that night i fell aslp so comfortably i almost cannot believe i was away on a holiday..... No strange encounter whatsoever except maybe for some OBVIOUS noise coming from the couple next door.... oops.. Rodman and i heard it before we concuss and it was so awkward we had to laugh out loud instead of giggling... mad embarressing i tell you... 

Day 2...

we agreed the alarm clock wasnt suitable for a holi-kun (since it was mean to be a "let you sleep" holiday) so we didnt set one.. However we did wake up pretty early for day two... about 9.30?... we freshen up a little before heading for the resort breakfast provided.. 

Rodman very egg-cited as he queue for the egg and ordered 2 sunny side up (well cook for me cos i hate runny york) and a fried egg to share. 

Other than the normal cereal/milk, they also provided us with sausages, Nasi Kuning (yums), toast, porridge (yucks) and bake beans.. 

i think i had toast both days cos Rodman makes the best toast/magarine/sugar...... haha.. the choices were limited but definitely sufficient to perk up the rest of the day ahead.. 

Anyway we eat to our tummy content and then make some enquiries with the snorkelling booth before finalizing the rental of 
1. two snorkelling mask + breathing tube (not sure what u call that)
2. two life vest
3. one suntanning mat
and all that for just S$17.50 to rent the whole day and return upon check out... super super cheap you ask me!!!!!!~

So we set off to the sea again (Tioman + sea+ tioman+sea.. its a cycle)

okok.. i admit.. we spend a huge portion of the day snorkelling and getting baked.. so much fun till i've forgotten about pictures.. and when i finally remember, the sun wasnt as strong as it was suppose to look... the pictures do do justice to the wind/sun/breeze all cycloning into one.. the weather is perfect for a yatch trip out to the sea #ifYouKnowWhatIMean... 

Just make do with whatever we have taken after our mega-fun-filled snorkelling experience, 
"you need to be really snorkelling to love snorkelling" or so said Rodman who had his virgin experience at snorkelling.. the fishes swimming so free makes you jealous that they are fishes lah!!!~ Oh and those seaweed and hydrilla, mad colorful... i try to google what we both saw... a second please... 
these fishes are in abundance underwater... they come and go so often i forget they are fishes.. for a second they swarm over like like ..... flies!!!
These stripey fishes.... clown fish? They are mostly palm-sized... swimming extremely fast.. once i tried chasing after it.. and Rodman was pissed i had pulled along our "fngers'crossed hands" as i swim.. hahah.. 
this is the real clown fish isnt it? love them soo much.. mad cute.. mad cute... as cute as polka dots prints on pink dresses lah.. mad mad mad cute.. 
what we see most time we are under water in the deeper sea... u lost count of fishes u see... sardine is packed per can right? i think its that simple to "pack them in" hahahahha.. 

Anyway a short peek into our snorkelling adventure

Rodman likes finer sand, i thought i remember him complimenting them more than once
Looking silly in the snorkelling gear
Back from his trip.. and i cant bring my camera down under or else you wouldnt be able to read this entry now
The sun is really hot, but it doesnt appear so on the pictures
and some shots of my snorkeling too
full gear, all that we rent from the resort
silly pose before i dip in
we were done with the snorkelling by about 4 because the tide were getting smaller. Strange thing about Tioman - the wave/current/tide goes as fast as it came, one moment you have to swim across the sea to the other standalone island, and another moment you can simply stroll over the connecting shore.. 
what was left behind soon as the tide got lower, reminisce of the the wave that came by so often just  minutes ago
Never a fan of matching bikini, you might be able to spot my legendary birthmark on my back. My parents use to joke about how they can always identify me if i shall be disfigure one day, just turn behind to confirm. 
heading back to the makeshift hut to take a break
and this piece of sand shore was where we were swimming a while back, when it was impossible to walk on it due to the depth
Expose sea bed, lots of new stuff surfacing 
i found a PRETTY seashell, very very tempted to smuggle it back
but i didnt lah... i place it together with the rest of the beautiful sea shell collected /donated on the make-shift hut by the beach.. its the prettiest spot of the resort i would think.. abandon but comfortable
Admiring the rest of the contribution by other snorkellers and loving how mine contributed to the set now..)
this is my porcelain shell, all naturally, finest shade of grey, shiny surface, very gradient ombre feeling.. man i miss my seashell.
some of the pretty ones contributed by the others
Rodman taking a rest on the makeshift seats, its really high so you either jump to sit on it or climb up.. for Rodman its the latter
i demanded he pull me up, i tried climbing up a few times but whenever i fall, i sink deeper into the sand, making it higher and higher to reach haha
Love the color of this pic, no camera effect, it was taken and uploaded just like this. Tioman island is like a photoshop island place on 100% contrasting color dont you think?

so i sat there most time, refusing to leave the seat becuase it gets really difficult to climb back on.. heehee 
then finally, after much hesitant, we left the abandon shore becuase the sun was setting and we wanted to witness it in its most beautiful, over a cosy SOFA by the beach.. yes i mean it a SOFA
Ending this post with a silly picture we took... Which doesnt come easy.... i had to run forward to click the self-timer, den run backwards to jump onto Rodman's back and pose... 

But we made great partners, haha, this took us two attempts!


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