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Feng Shui for your bedroom

i am guessing this entry came a tad too late cos we are all anticipating moving forward to the year 2013, but hey! who knows Santa brought you a surprise within the next couple of months..

Besides, who knows how much feng shui changes, according to the Lunar calendar i might have a slightly longer luck till the next readings takes place....

Unfortunately, i read through several wise advices and realize your bedroom is not the ideal place you should place your bet on to get wealth, so we have to place our bet on career, life & love..

all content are taken off wofs.com, the ideal website i seek my advice on when i needed an extra opinion

Let's start with the positioning of your bedroom
In my case my major allocation of furniture for the new room has to be the huge wardrobe Sis & i 
place in the centre of the room to divide our cosmetic area from our sleeping area.

There are four major things to particularly look out for, namely:-
1. The shape of the bedroom2.The positioning of the bed3.The sector the bedroom occupies4.Decorative objects in the bedroom

  •  It is best to have a rectangular or square shaped bedroom. 
  •  irregular shape bedroom, try to use a good fortune symbol screen as a divider/curtain/blinds to transform the bedroom into a more regular shape. 
  • Never use mirrors as a feng shui cure for the bedroom. 

  • Position your bed such that your head is pointed towards your best direction according to your Kua number. 

How To Calculate Your Kua Number

 For Male

Take the last two digits of your year of birth and add them together. Keep adding till you get a single number. Deduct this from 10 if you were born before 2000, and from 9 for those born in the year 2000 or later. This gives your Kua number.
 For Female

Take the last two digits of your year of birth and add them together. Keep adding till you get a single number. Add 5 to this number if you were born before 2000, add 6 for those born in the year 2000 or later. If the result is a two-digit number, keep adding till get a single number. This is your Kua number.
  • The yin component plays an important role in the bedroom, it is a place to rest, recuperate and relax. 
  • energy in the bedroom should suggest calm and quiet. 
  • The colour scheme used should be muted. 
  • Lighting should be dimmed
  • No television in the bedroom.  
  • make sure it is not too yin. For example, if you are lacking of energy, you may benefit from a red (yang) bedsheet. 


  • Do not over-decorate 
  • You can energize the bedroom for marriage, romance, love and relationships by placing love symbols in the SW of your bedroom to activate this kind of luck. 

Watch Out!
  1. The bed should not be placed directly below an exposed beam.
  2. Do not position the bed so it faces another bedroom door.
  3. Do not position any mirrors facing the bed.
  4. The bed should not be placed between 2 doors.
  5. Neither should the bed face a protruding corner.
  6. The headboard must be placed against a wall. It should not be “floating”.
  7. Never move the bed when the wife is pregnant
  8. The bedroom should not be located above a garage, storeroom or kitchen.
  9. Do not have the bedroom door face the top of the stairs.
  10. Do not sleep in a room directly below a toilet.
  11. Do not have fancy archways in your bedroom.
  12. Do not place potted plants or an aquarium in the bedroom. 

Compass Direction SectorSuitability
NorthwestPatriarch of the family, Master Bedroom
SouthwestMatriarch of the family, Family Room
EastEldest son
WestYoungest daughter
SouthMiddle daughter
NorthMiddle son
SoutheastEldest daughter
NortheastYoungest son


Disclaimer: before you claim i am a overly enthusiast in Feng Shui i will like to add that i do not completely by every single ruling indicated or "advised" per master/source i read. 

Ultimately the real Feng Shui i DO completely believe is not letting my bedroom look like an eyesore. 

After reading some advise from sources everywhere i have also taken initiative to decor my work desk a while back to encourage some 人气,so far i am glad it all work out pretty fine so i guessing the ornaments are here to stay?

It all bottles up to the same philosophy of The Secret i am heeding - you have to BELIEVE you ALREADY have it in order to attract it to you.   I guess by counting my odds on Feng shui, i have a better reason to psycho my mind into "BELIeVING" i am about to have it.... 

That is really, how positivity works and i cannot emphasize enough how much my positivity energy have been working in my favor ever since I followed through with the exercise (it's like a set of things i set  to do EVERYDAY/.... such as -giving thanks to every single things/event/object/human i come across the day before)

Offtracking a little, i will like to rekindle my positivity to another small incident back in Tioman while i was celebrating my boyfriend's birthday. You see, he is the sort of perfectionist that really needed everything to be in placed and organized. I use to be like him and with two perfectionists our relationship sometimes gotten  to such a stubborn stage that neither of us are willing to give in. 

Unfortunately, one night after checking with the receptionist, we were told that we were actually entitled to a hot flask (he needs his coffee intake.. caffeine... tsk tsk)  but weren't offered one...    We finally took the electrical flask back to our room only to realize it wouldn't work. (plug in, switch on.. and that's it.... after several attempt there were no notion)

By that stage my boyfriend was very very upset that nothing seems to go well during our "supposedly-happy" trip. (things got blown out of proportion due to the busy dinner crowd that ended up with us going hungry after the waiter FORGET our orders)..... so in an attempt to cheer him up i decided to direct his attention onto the food we DaBao (after much persuasion from me and a small fight later).../. 

While eating, a surge of positivity came on and i took the hint and proceeded to plug in the electrical switch belonging to the flask before continuing my meal. When boyfriend ask why i would waste the time toying with the spoilt flask, i told him confidently:

"Its ok, we'll leave it on.. in about 15min the flask will work, trust me!"

TRUE ENOUGH!!!! At about 15 min we heard some weird sound and soon realize the electrical flask had miraculously decide to roll & boil,... all too soon we had hot water and boyfriend had his coffee much to his delight.. 

and i felt my Magic work again, except it didnt came as a huge shock cos i KNEW it would work!

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