Monday, November 12, 2012

Little sweet tooth of mine

i went to the Dentist yesterday. 

 No there wasnt any excruciating pain or so-ever. I just had to get it done cos there are timely sore from the growing tootie & i was an emotional roller coaster ride dealing with asthetic thus book myself for the Wisdom tooth surgery.

As it turns out  - the Dentist in charge of this wasnt available, so i had it postpone till yesterday (and am super glad i did and did not settled with another specialist who can "still" do the consultation). 

No particular torturing picture of the entire "adventure"- i had bbbb with me throughout, therefore am super thankful for his company already. 

My dentist was extrordinary young though - he could pass off as someone younger than me no problem, but he was professional alright, i had put on a strong front laughing and giggling when he asked to describe my problem. I had also tried not to fickle an eyebrow when my saliva has drool till the neck... not once had i maintain eye-contact (that is too much for me, especially knowing he might pluck off my tooth [by mistake] had he chosen to... haha).

He constantly gave an reassuring smile and even hinted if i was lucky i might NEVER have to remove my wisdom tooth (that- despite- my tootie still growing and already piercing into a portion of my gum). Nevertheless i had a x-ray done, then proceeded with my usual check up 
  • X-ray
  • Cleaning (scaling & polishing)
  • Replacement of Tooth filling ( from yucky black --> tooth pearl white)
Not too long later, the x-ray result were out ! 

i am free from my right wisdom tooth extraction - at least for the rest of my life! 

[misalignment of my right set of upper teeth clearly seen in pic]

This again is another half-good-bad news i receive, because then i ask Dr Ong how the rest of my teeth are misaligning by the days with the ongrowing tootie, he explained the growth of the wisdom tooth did not affect the alighnment of my other tooth. In fact a large scale of misalignment are caused by chewing on one side of the teeth, which is why alot of times the misalignment of our upper teeth will "fit" the misalignment of the lower teeth. 
Notice the inward upper teeth matches the inward lower teeth?

After Dr Ong's explanation, i have every reason to believe this was true because i have indeed been using much of the right teeth to chew rather than the left side.  This was due to my first tooth filling experience some 4 years back while bbb and i first started dating. I had a toothache that has gotten too painful i volunteer to visit the dentist. 

My previous dentist explain i had a bad left tooth that needed extraction, but i was too afraid of the pain from needles that i refuses any injection, a x-ray later they reveal i can hollow the inner bad teeth and replace it with tooth filling - which i did because Root Canal are a pain in the arse from the amount it will cost and i wasnt willing to go through that.   i had the teeth replaced with black filling (no pain killer) and since learnt a hard lesson to stay away from rotting the replaced tooth.

I guess times has made it a habit because i soon started relying alot of on the right teeth to chew meat and food, that in coupled with no proper care for the right teeth makes the misalignment prominent. It wasn't till besties told me one day that the right teeth looks very different from our secondary school days that i began to find seek help. 

Nevertheless, since the Dentist needed to change my black filling to white, i had a go-ahead with the replacement and promise bbb to balance my chewing of food so as not to harm the right teeth further. In addition, the Dentist suggested i get braces done to align the teeth again. Since only about 2 teeth really needed attention, my braces journey will take only between 18-24 months, i certainly need to work out another room from the hard earn salary for that braces project.   Who knows it will end in good time before bbbb and i take the leap of faith to tied the knot? hahaha.. everyone deserves to look better on their wedding day... right?

Last week, LilSis and i were invited by bbbbb to catch the movie "Ah Boy to Men". I really like the film because i could see it in bbbb's eye how he had miss every parts of his training during his army days. In between the plot he will squeeze my hand and advise me what the activites were about. 

There were also some insides on in-camp training that was hard to notice if the NS-men chooses never to disclose. 

i especially like the Kent in the movie because of his feminine but good looks. Kristi's classmates starred a role in the movie too and overall, the actors are fresh faced so we should applaud their realistic acting in the movie, even the Platoon Sergeant deserve a compliment because he scolded the army mens so well that bbbb agree every word he mouth are like narration off the platoon sergeant in real life. 

Ah boys to men indeed, now i am really waiting for part Two =)

Today is the FIRST day kakak left our house and we had to deal with cleaniness & maintainence on our own. In short i had the toilet outside all to myself because the other brats refuses to use the common bathroom and chooses to use our parents one. 

I do honor the privilege well, the toilet were kept clean and neat every night, i make it a point also to ensure all the pails & toiletries are back in place after using them. 

So i was checking out the other stuff in the relatively-NEW kitchen, and i found a few surprise. 

its a mini size pan good enough to cook for 3 pax. I really like the outlook of it, and when i flip it over.
i was even alarm to find out the brand - WMF... 

i know many of us have no freaking idea what that means, neither do i in the past. It was only when i realize bbbb always praises this brand of pans that i know it wasnt a cheap purchase. 

I know of Tefal cos bbb's mum uses it and simply adore the non-stick pan feeling, WMF is said to be better and more expensive than Tefal (i saw the small WMF pan selling at $89 at leading departmental store) so i made a mental note to snap a pic to show bbbb and also to target to fried some dishes when i finally get use to not having a maid at home. 

No, bbbb isnt a house-husband, he is a workoholic who understood the essence of having quality hardware to enjoy quality food. WMF is a brand he recognizes, and now i do too =)
anyway i set the stove on and placed a tiny pot of water over to heat (we haven found the electrical water cooker after silly Dad/Mum placed them at the far end of the storeroom that is now impossible to reach... 

i have entrust them the duty to dug it out when they do their 1231241234902th round of housecleaning to perfection (i must admit we all love our new place because keeping it clean amist the emptiness is easy, yet we choose to schedule good timing to upgrade inches of the house and smile to ourselves when we do tiny stuff like [bought a new placemat] [hang the hand towel by the correct spot in the kitchen])

We needed hot water alsmot every night, Mum bought us ladies in the house a formula said to cure my soon-to-develop running knees (i had 3 concern families & friends telling me about it), and to keep our bones strong to handle other woman-duties in future.  
we bought the 19-50 yr old milk formula so we can all drink them (Kristi turns 18 in a month, but is convince she is very-much 19... hurhurhur)
pretty cups taken from Aunt's place, she has kindly sponsor us some new cups from her lovely collection. 
went to the living room and walk back in to check on the boiling water every now and then, the green panel is the centralised kitchen pilar if you are wondering =)
two cups of goodness for LilSis & me (mum had drank her portion). 

And then we sat down as a family and caught TV in the living room. #doYouKnow our parents do not encourage us to get a tv to our room becuase they treasure the little time we spend together every evening and hope we can come together to discuss the program we are watching. 

As such Kristi and i do not fancy TV in the room and we would rather spend the time in the room reading up on novels (we have a nerdy-load of collection) or surfing the laptop. Most times we are in the living room with our parents. 

Anyhoots... its calcium milks for the ladies in the house every day before we head to bed, it gives a warmth feeling with every mouthful so it calms the mind to set us into the cozy sleeping mood. We all agree it's been a pretty good practice thus far, will update you if i find the milk effective from preventing running knees with all the training i am doing for SCM 2012. 

Oh btw, in additon to SCM, i have completed my 5th running with bbb last saturday - 100 plus Passion Run 2012- i came in at 1 hour sharp for running 9km =)  Now i have to double up my training regime to await the 21km SCM run on 2nd december. 


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