Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My 25th birthday

See my close friends around me happy is has always been a sort of boosting confidence for me.

Yearly, nearing my birthday, the same bunch of close pals will initiate a "what-you-want" conversation and after these years it is NEARLY ok to be frank about it... unless some of my request are beyond hopeless and almost impossible to attain.

Like i mention this year's birthday i had fail to get too excited due to other much more overwhelming deals (like Timmy) thus when as the date drew near and the same bunch of peeps had to stress me more to tell them what i would like... my mind went like this --------------------------------------------->?????????????????????????/

And so, with such a hopeless creature as their cousin/close friends/girlfriend/cousin's gf, we move the strategy to the next best thing we can think of - i demanded a crab party to stop the craving (and to eat enough crab to last me months of lust over something my mum will not allowed me to eat with those wound).

Over whatsapp, several destination and finally with my "navigation". Our dinner was set at AMK, right below the neighborhood Clarinda use to leave (that was before this angel fly to the other end of the world lah)

A group picture for a start -- taken by a mystery guest whose face i cannot reveal
Brown tee guy + black/white print dress lady = My cousin Jo and his very very adorable gf
Grey stripe tee guy + Black tube dress lady = bbbbbbbbb and yours truly
Two guys in black tee at the front = My lilBro Gary and BabyCuz Raymond
The couple in Dark Blue standing at the back = My cousin Rem and his gf whom i;ve met only yesterday but found her extremely sweet
Lady in pink = dear^cuz Viv
The spastic-ness actually didnt start here.... who knew Ray had the decency to start the ball rolling haha..
and so the birthday shouted a very demanding request to whom everyone cannot say No to --> i need a rigid and solemn picture

if you notice it was extremely hard to hold our laughter for a solemn pic and thus Raymond let loose

Afterwhich someone let out a very evil laughter and upon our second attempt, you could see Jo's gf Xin Ting and Viv trying too hard not to lolz.

The menu for the night was crazy.. i demanded everyone to name a dish so we could eat 10 dishes.. and us as Asian typically end up choosing the same dish (READ: Fu-Yong-Egg)... so after some mini-mani-mini selections later... we ordered:
  1. Fu-Yong-Egg (duhzzzz)
  2. Potato-leaves stir fried in sambal sauce
  3. Thai styled Mango Fried Chicken
  4. Chilli crab (for the Aussie couple who is bound to get hooked)
  5. Black Pepper Crab (again for the couple who will return to Aussie soon =( and to get them started on their local food hunt)
  6. Baby Kai Lan (for my mystery guest who cannot take too much spice
  7. ten little mini sized freaking cute but f**king waste of money Man-tous
  8. Yam Ring
  9. Coffee-flavored Pork Rib
  10. Hotplate Tofu
  11. Cereal Prawn

and we ate and ate and forgot about the pictures.. haha

there were lotsa of jokes going on.. .and i was giggling and tell bbbbbbbbb how much this birthday turns out so fun because my families are with me...

i am genuinely touched that everyone took time off to gather and chat over dinner.. .especially Joseph who had to sacrifice his commitment for last night.. thanks cousin! 

Then  my mystery guest took out a large box of very very pretty cupcakes! Since it was lilBro's birthday the night before (we are 364 days apart... But please DON'T do the math or imagine how our parents make that happen) we sang a song for the both of us... with Everyone trying to embarress us by singing aloud in a coffee shop.. hurhurhur

The cupcakes are delicious..... Thank you mystery guest for making that trip to TwelveCupcakes!  i am inlove with the velvet flavor..

i seize this chance to present Gary with a red packet from Mummy, Daddy, Kristi, myself and bbbbbbbb . In it contain a VERY thick pile of notes (hahahha.. Kristi and i took a long time to make it happen) and a list of Do's and Don'ts for our little brother when he turn 24....  (11 rules to be exact)

The night soon ended and my dearest cousin gave us both a angpow in return for our birthday ... which was extremely lao-ah-pek style but practical... we went our separate ways home.. with fond memories of what happen on Kristal's 25th birthday..

and now for some behind the scenes.. hahahaha..

bbbbbb also got me a pretty accessories

i love my new wallet =)))

thanks for making yesterday an awesome and unforgetable night bbbb.

And to end off the entire post... each of my cousin gave me a hug and bid goodbye to Timmy.... how silly can we get... IKR? hahaha... Thanks for being the most unique bunch of young people i can hang out with.... i love you all chngies!

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