Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The actual procedure

after undergoing what seems like the toughest challenge in my entire life (physically).. i'm finally up and healthy enough to pen this journey onto the blog. Along with only picture (just one pic of Timmy.. its too gruesome) of my stay with National university Hospital.

this is Timmy inside my stomach and the stomach i've living with for 8 years.

Got my lilbro to capture a nicest moment i could have with Timmy.
Believe it or not, i haven breathe out, you can check with my close friends how the Stomach look had i breathe out.

Before my op, my parents had done all that they could to keep the process less horrifying for me. Perhaps bbbbbbbb was right, i tend to "over-think" things too much thus leading to the fear that could have much been avoided.

Thus the family had relatives over for dinner, alongside celebrating Chinese New Year as well as the birthday of 2 of our relatives. Each family was assign the task of bring one type of food... This sort of potluck never really works with our family because every typical family brings more than ONE type of their specialty. Thus there were so much food it was hard to finish (in addition to the fact that i was 24 hrs away from my Op and i had to clear my bowel later that night and had little appetite just thinking of the process.

So bbbb had volunteer to stayover the night before, which was something i was so thankful for. Had i need to sleep the night knowing the next morning was the op, i wouldnt have slept a wink, but then again, there and then i was hoping to get as little sleep as possible. The silly me was fearful to wake up DURING the op, i cant imagine what sort of scenario that would be.

That morning, after visiting the toilet for only once, i woke up and got myself ready for the op. I washed my hair since Mum says i wont be able to do so during my stay the hospital (which was pretty much the case since i can barely lift myself up from the bed).

During the journey to the hospital (Mum drove and bbbb was in the backseat)... i was keeping a positive mind, i guess a part of me was dying for the process to be over and done with ASAP. Hence, i took a picture of myself in the car (before dusk) and started an album on facebook sharing the process of my soon-to-be new Kristal.

Having reach the hospital, we walked into the department called the Day Surgery Ward, it was pretty comforting to see other family "checking in" for their op too. However, most of them came with nothing, i suppose the Day Surgery ward was meant for patient with simple op. Since i belong here, my op should be a pretty tiny process.

We waited for our number and was told by the nurse that i had turn up a tad bit early (it wasnt my fault since the nurse gave us the wrong timing) and so with that, i changed into my op robe and waiting in the waiting bed that was supposedly meant for pregnant woman to prepare for their cesarean.

Due to my weak body (like i mention i have never been a red meat eater thus i knew from the start i weak metabolism) and high drug allergy (the irony for me is i've a bad allergy towards.... PAINKILLER.... now what else stops the pain?) i was given special tag to notify whoever was going to induce anything into me to take note.

bbb took a picture of my arm, with my name and IC no and all the info, there and then in the ward i saw alot of ppl talking about their short surgery and how they can be discharge with immediate effect..

i bet they were there for minor op such as removal of warts or something.
bbbb took a picture of me and Monkey, which is the plush toy i carry to bed since i took over its ownership from my cousin... its been loved by me ever since =)

Here on the bed, i could heard other pregnant woman besides me getting ready for their baby's arrival.i was trying to get use to sleeping on this sort of bed.

The wait was torturing so Mum and bbbbb went on to grab their morning dose of coffee while i took the time to relax my mind.

During the wait, a lady came over and spoke to me about donating my Cyst to the research centre for investigation of cure for cancer. I was a little apprehend since bbbb had notify me about this issue and he was advice by his colleague to refuse this.

I, however, see no use to the cyst that was to be remove hence, i asked the lady to allow me till i spoke to my family before making the decision.

While chatting with the lady, we were interrupted by a nurse who mention i was to prepare for my op, my op was schedule for 11 and it was only 9.30am in the morning. i felt a strong rush of blood into my brain and immediately called Mum and bbbb, who rushed back to accompanied me. The nurse got me seated on the wheelchair and placed a blanket over my lap. I was freaked out at the sudden fast forward of arrangement, but tried my best not to tear.

Then i was wheel to the other part of the hospital, Mum and bbbbb walk alongside me. I couldnt speak, i was scared stiff. Mum refuse to speak to me, she was an emotional baby like i was.... Then before we part, she cried so badly i couldnt contain my tear either. She asked me to relax, and while tearing the nurse whisk me into the theatre....

There are no pictures during the process. I remember being placed at a waiting room to calm myself down, there were so many activities going on, some patients were lying on the bed. Others, like me, had sat on the wheelchair while nurses read our files and spoke to us.

After what seems like an hour, i was so tired from waiting that i fell asleep, right on the wheelchair, i dont remember anything.

Back outside, bbbb and mum sat at the waiting room where there was a TV indication of when i was starting my op.

i was awoken by the movement of some nurses very near me. She introduce herself as the Anesthesiologists and will be be accompanying me into the theatre.

As she confirms my information (name, ic, allergys.. ) the woman besides me starting screaming out loud. It was a terrifying scream (not shout) that requires 9 nurses to hold her down. My heartbeat race so fast i wasnt thinking. I covered my right ear while the nurse continue instructing me... then as the woman scream louder and louder i couldnt stay calm anymore and i covered both ear and cried and shiver.

The nurses quickly wheeled me away from the waiting room and onto the theatre. The picture above was taken off the net but i remember it being somewhat similar to this except much much brighter. i was told to lie on the bed, they remove the knot on my dress, fasten my legs with a band.

Then a tube was inserted into my right hand, and upon lying down the nurse told me she hadnt notice the huge stomach i was carrying until then.

"are you pregnant or might be pregnant by any chance?"
i told her i wasnt, she was worried and thus told me i need to be induce with a heavier dose of medication. Afraid that i might be allergy to the medication, she instructed another nurse to hold my neck down and prevent my vomit. As soon as i pass out, they inserted a tube down my throat and onto my stomach to pump the medication. They also insert a urinary tract onto me. I dont remember any of this, but suffer the after effect when i woke up.

*Meanwhile Mum and bbbbbb were waiting outside anxiously for my completion. bbbbbbbb even left a comment on facebook.

and 3 hours later... it finally ended..

i remember waking up, very irritated by someone that woke me up.. Den when i woke up, i was soooo weak and the environment was so unfamiliar... Then i heard the nurse says "Kristal.... can you hear me? Time to wake up your operation is over "

and then i recall... OMG #$%#$^#$% i just had an op..... my throat feels soooooooo dry so i tried to cough, there were soooo much phelgm inside me, but as i cough i felt something pinching my stomach, then i remember i had an op in the stomach....

it was all so surreal, i couldnt believe it was concluded....
"was i still bloated"
" are my stomach closed"
"why dont i feel much pain"
"shit the phelgm is choking me"
"its tooooooooo cold here"

i shiver so much and with all the phelgm in my throat i teared and tried to shout "i am soooooooo cold"

the nurse told me not to cry but i couldnt hold my tears.. they immediately placed a hot-air blanket over me, but i was trembling so hard.... i remember the nurses talking among themslves... i took the time to doze off to sleep, but each voices that surround me makes its so much difficult to sleep.

Then the hot-air blanket was too hot it burnt my wound.... again i had difficulty talking... and so i cried... mumbling "too hot.. too hot... " and den i fell unconscious.

Next moment i woke up, it seems like days had passed, but no! hahah.. it had only be less than a min..... i was wheeled out, i saw the man beside me still unconscious from his op, he had a scar on his neck, it was painful just seeing that.

As i was wheeled out, i had difficulty taking in all the images i was seeing, mostly i remembered ceiling after ceiling.... lift.. den more ceiling.

Later that day, bbbbbb added a comment on Facebook, i had been warded =)

i fell in and out of sleep to remember too much, except tearing and tearing each time i saw my Mum and bbbbbbbbbb...... whenever i saw bbbbbb i whisper into his ear how the phelgm was choking me, he was worried and seek the nurse opinion.

But i cant cough, it will expose my wound, they said i need to cough it out once and for all, den suffer the pain for a while, but i dont have the courage to do so..... The phelgm were built due to the dosage of medication i was put on and thanks to the tube inserted inside my mouth. I remember nothing of them....

*to continue my recovery on the next post


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