Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 3 & 4

Meiqin on the left and Sha (Fongyi) on the right

Moving forward into the second night, i am still overwhelmed by all the supports everyone has given me... i think no one should be allowed to keep a dark secret like an operation, especially since i've experience for myself the sort of motivation everyone can give to push me along.. somehow.. despite the pain of the process, i've been urged to show off the scar.. which is very good because i no longer see it as such a huge deal. Its like a scar of victory *wink*

The second night bbbbb's buddies -  Meiqing and Sha came to visit. Mum had initially tot they were my classmates (which was ALSO true since Meiqin and i studied a couple of subjects together back in SIM) She soon learn they were actually bbbbb's ex-polymates and were touched even they are here to show some support.

What's even more amusing was the gift from these two ladies.... LilSis was beaming with joy when i told her they bought me some(not one.. quite a few) nail polish and Hello Kitty Mask!!!! Like Sha had joked, this is suppose to be a holiday expedition for me... and looking at the gifts, i had to agreed, in my mind i cannot wait to dash on the lovely colors on my naked nails and throw on the mask to mosturize my face.


In addition, my ex-colleagues from Takasago sent two representative + one spouse(hurhur) to visit.. along with a HUGE hamper... thanks ladies... and gentlemen....

Its very nice to catch up and hear about the people whom i've met and worked with some time ago, they've witness the growth of Timmy, joke along with me and even taught me how to deal with pregnancy (since i've always joke that i was pregnant... and in between this period several of the colleagues got pregnant too)

bbbb was puzzled how i get two hamper from two different companies? I love them all so much, everyone's so nice and sending me well wishes....Both my current company and the one i left not longer ago had sent something over, i just cannot thank anyone enough...

First attempt at food after liquid diet.... it was (what was claimed) sweet and sour tofu and cabbages with porridge.. i tried a bit but the taste was too overwhelming.. i could barely finish half. Check out the tubes all inserted on my left fist.

By the third day i was frustrated and irritated... my mood was swinging badly.... i THOUGHT my doctor mention something about me being discharged but when the nurses came and told me they werent told to remove anything from my body... i was suspicious...

bbbb came really early.. (having leave the hospital every night only at about 10pm.. ) with some neccessity i complain i was short of (*talcum powder because i felt very dirty not being able to bath.. Salonpas because the bed was hurting my back too much.. Marigold jelly as it was the only food that came into mind..) i told him i was suppose to be discharge today... and bbbb request for the doctor to speak to us to confirm this...

Dr Sabrina came and looked at me worrying... she apologize for the hurtful blood drawing experience yesterday (she is very very thin , beautiful and she volunteer her hand to grab mine when the other doctor drew the blood from my wrist... it took 4 diff doctors to draw blood for me... )  i asked her if she still meant what she says about me being discharge.. and she gave me a chance to prove to her...

She asked if i was well enough to stand up... and i was! i held on to my wound, and used the other hand to support my body from the bed and stood up straight facing bbbbb and Dr Sabrina.... she smiled and said "i was this close to allowing your discharge but your blood sample this morning has proven to deteriorate further to 6 (normal woman - 14, me on day two - 7)... but you look really well right now.. you can stand............."

i cannot update further because at this point i had sunk right back into blank point.. i felt nausea and semi-conscious and worst of all.. i felt i was too weak to hold my body further... bbbbb held on to me in time to place me back on the bed gently...

i teared so much because i knew the answer.... Dr Sabrina rejected my discharge and i was to stayed one more day at the hospital..... she left and it was bbbb who had to cope with my wining and sobbing... at how hard this is getting.. i have enough of hospital food, being stuck here not being able to move around, i cannot tell night from day and i haven seen any green grass... i want to leave.... need to leave... bbbb calm me down but it wasnt enough to cheer me up.

By now i felt hopeless.... i thought it was a simple procedure.. a small op and i can leave with a new body... why had things complicate till this stage? Whatever i had in mind wasnt positive, bbbbb must have had a hard time dealing with my emotions... thank God that Mum and Sis came by at this time to distract me. bbbbb updated Mum about my stay and she put it off with a nonchalent "then one more day lah, what to do"
which was completely true at a practical level... i felt like i was given a tight slap across my face and immediately felt "anything lah!"... hahaha... the strength of all mother is the power they have to tell you to "deal with it" in the most practical way ever!

Mum and the nurse held on to me while i make my way to the toilet.

Also bbbbb's proudest moment as he upload this picture online with the caption at my first successful attempt to walk on my own.. without fainting.. hahahah

We spend the afternoon expecting more friends to visit (thanks guys/girls/besties... i REALLY appreciate it.. from the bottom of my heart... REALLY.. TRULY... )

In the afternoon, bbbbb's Dad came down to visit me. bbbbb's family has an alliance occupation (this is a long story.. in short.. a family business) in construction and his Dad happens to be running a project right in NUH itself.. therefore during his lunch hour he came by to visit and sometime later so did bbbbb's family... They got me a soft Bunny that i badly wanted... and thus came the birth of Timmy. I name this Bunny Timmy and assume he was given birth at a hefty weight of 4.5kg (my cyst came up to 4litre worth of water).  We had a mini gathering there and then in the ward joking.

Both families were talking... what a lovely sight =)

Later in the afternoon Pauline, her sister Evelyn and her fiance came by to send some well wishes, and a sweet bouquet of flowers. I haven met Pau for a while i miss her dearly. We did some catching up, some congrats (Evelyn and her long-term bf are finally getting hitch) and i showed off my new found rib-cage.

random side note........ i HAVE ribcage.. and this is the FIRST TIME i saw them/felt them protruding under my skin... sorry for the random but very very touching news.

Anyway, they left a sweet note on the bouquet to congrats me on my new-found sexiness... and i really love this message... Thank you Kang family (and Ms-soon-to-be-wang) and thank you so much for the very very genuine concern you've showered me with. The lovely Evelyn also mention passing me some of her clothes which is very comforting yet humorous to hear because she's really really tall and skinny....

bbbbb and i spent most of the time when we weren't expecting any visitor just falling in and out of sleep, with me having the comfort of the bed and his trying not to fall off the chair. He brought along the familiar pillow that i use when i sleep over at his place so we had more than enough pillows to share.

By evening, the doctor sent a message knowing i was deeply affected over my extended stay, they were going to infuse a pack of blood (to be deliver from blood bank which will take more than half a day)into me hoping it will aid my red blood cells count and HOPFULLY bring it up to a healthy level of AT LEAST 10. The nurses told me i could be discharge if the results are good. I was getting some good news and heave a huge sigh of relief!

The last pair of visitors for Day 3 is Apel and Andy.

i didnt manage much dinner that night and took some jelly instead. bbbbb continue to keep me accompanied and along came an old-time friend.

Nope, not really that old but it was Apel yap with whom i have a love/hate relationship with. Apel and i share the same thinking in alot of matters. Therefore many times, despite not meeting for a long time, when we do catch up it's easy to update each other for we can piece the missing puzzle back pretty fast.

This trip Apel/Andy made was an important (hahahahah) one.... Apel has recently receive a gorgeous ring from her very lovely Andy and they are in the mist of planning for a solid future together. With Apel around, it isnt hard to hint *erm-hem bbbbb alot of things that should be in our relationship "flow" right now... hurhurhur

As our conversation flows, Apel updated me on their plans right now, and in turn when i was asked about [our] plan, i simply looked at bbbbb and he had the cutest most innocent "please-dont-ask-me" look on his face.

i bet the talk was fruitful (thanks Apel Yap) in giving my boyfriend a small nudge..

Day four
By now waking up becomes a routine and my back hurts at its extreme so i was repeating everything i did, EXCEPT i demanded to be doing all of this thing by myself. I took short walks to the ladies, fed myself food and played with my phone. Nothing new.

The blood finally arrived inside a small blue ice cooler tub today! I dont like how it looks, but it was the last resort so i have to give it a shot.

Written on the bag of blood was the word "Volunteer Blood" it reminded me of the time i tried to donate mine and in return someone has donated their blood to me!

By now i have one more needle inserted onto my left arm for easy induce of extra medication if needed (i.e if i faint, i need BOTH lactose/glucose inside me). The nurse replaces the lactose tube with the tube that link to the blood.

I was made to sign a consent form agreeing that the hospital holds no responsibility if the blood is found to contain HIV (my mind went like$%&%^&&^*^&* when i sign it). bbbbb used Timmy to cover my face becase i confess there were too many bloody tots running inside my mind.

At that point i had a scene from Twilight movie replaying inside my head, where Bella had blood kept in a cup with straw and she drank them. i asked bbbb if it was easier that i get blood into my body in that way...

When my family visited (Thank you Gary's buddies the ONLY few best friends of his for visiting) they were amuse by the blood i was "drinking" / transfusing...

Strangely... i was feeling better and better, waaaaaaaaaaay better than i was the last few days..... i got the blood, and i felt the "POWER" of the blood.. hahahahhaa...

Anyhow,... i barely remember anything from Day 4 cos i was too EAGER to head home.. Lilsis was the Sweetest thing when she volunteer to stay behind to keep me company for the night.



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