Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 1&2 in NUH

While staying in NUH, alot of my friends came to visit me. I had told them not to do it since it was during CNY period, but those that wasnt pan-dang came anyhow.

First flowers that came was from Indium Corporation, the company i am working for now. \
I am really thankful to be given the opportunity to be working for them. It was through one of the closer colleague/manager that i secure an appointment to visit a gynae and speed up the entire process till date.

Even though i haven been with the company long enough to be secure as a permanent employee, they were kind enough to rest assure me that health was my priority. The HR even do their utmost to help me claim some cost incurred during the op, i cannot thank them enough.

My colleagues were also worried about the op, thus i had pre-alert bbbb to update them soon as i finish the op. Within the day itself they had sent me flowers, they are so thoughtful that even my parents were touched.

Then sweet Paperstop came to visit me.

No pictures of her so i grab one we took during the CNY.

She had finished her school and came by to drop us a visit. i could hardly speak but she was careful not to make me laugh. i was still on "drug" thus the pain didnt hurt that much.

Paperstop stayed for a while but i was falling in and out of sleep. She finally left after a while. Thanks dear for coming, and visiting me again when i was grounded at home. She is such a doll, when i needed help preparing the food for valentine's day for bbbb... she came by my place and with my maid's help, i hopped on the bus and we went "marketing together" =, she even offer to carry the shopping bags and refuse my help. i cant find another "smaller-sized" sweetheart than this one (she's a size zero)

This is Angeline, she drop by suddenly - like her name was made to sound... like an angel- turns out she's a staff of NUH and upon hearing i was going to be admitted here had decided to drop a surprise visit.

Which was really good since the nurse concluded that she drop by (she has role in making sure patients are well taken care of) i must have been an important patient, and thus they were extra diligent in taking care of me.

Angeline is my childhood pen-pal and we exchange letters for YEARS, until one fine day she disappear in my life and i couldnt understand what i have done wrong. Many years later, upon learning the truth, i felt like we were in the same boat. Therefore her visit was comforting, especially coming from someone who understood completely the pain this process will bring. Thanks Angeline =)

The first day was easy to get by. I thought i would have difficulty sleeping alone in the hospital ward, but this fear was resolved since i knew it was that easy to fall asleep when i put on drip. The first day i had glucose induce in me, the urinary tract was also on, i neither pee nor eat, i was amazed how much medical has advanced. I also constantly remember how i use to sleep beside Grandma, randomly massaging her swollen hands and the glucose will seep through every tiny holes that the nurses had used to inject her medication.

There were alot of blood pressure, heartbeat taken. Dr Sabrina (my surgeon) came to visit me once, she said i look like i;ll be well enough to be discahrge tomorrow. She instruct the nurse to feed me liquid food tomorrow, that night i was amazed at my willpower and how fast i was picking up in health. I can be discharge already? hahahaha.. that night i slept with a smile on my face, in between being awoken by nurses to take blood pressure and eating medication.

The next morning , before bbbbbb could come, i asked the nurse if they could remove my urinary tract, and so she did, i wanted to start walking and she held on to my drip while i started walking towards the ladies. That morning, i fainted, it was my first ever UN-conscious faint because i dont remember anything that took placed.

When i did woke up, i heard the nurse says "Kristal,stay awake, dont fall asleep... Kristal... are you ok... her blood pressure is really look... put her back on drip... Kristal.. wake up.. dont sleep... " and then i look around me and realise i was back on my bed with 4 nurses around me, my pant were wet, the drip on my left hand was replace with a lactose, and there was a band around my arm to constantly monitor my blood pressure... i cried and apologies and talk nonsence (i cant remember much) they said i wet my pant, then proceed to change them. They smile at me and told me every thing was fine.... i had very low blood pressure (i remember i was on the 70 when the norm range was 100).

That afternoon, bbbb;s family and mine were in the ward. So was Raymond my babyCuz

CusRay and i on his first bookout many years ago

Bbbbbb's family when we went on a ice-cream expedition on his birthday last year.

My family last CNY

it feels rather weird to be talking to them on the bed when i am usually the more hype-up one... everyone were genuinely concern and that makes me wanna cheer up and recover faster. i told them about the faint-experience that morning and got Mum pretty worried. She asked me to try eating some food but i wasnt in the mood.

Anyhow i tried my first lunch - sweet potato porridge with sweet and sour tofu.. and it was then i had my SECOND semi-conscious faint. Mum called the docter and again they took my blood pressure... i was looking pale and after some discussion, the doctor advise me they will be taking some blood sample to test for the result.

We spend the afternoon talking and getting all worried about me (in my mind i recall i use to have difficulty drawing blood and was crossing my finger this time it would be less difficult).

Sheena came that day, she was an trusty friend i met during my short work stay with a bad company, Sheena's optometrist and very health-conscious. However, as i was tied down by alot of nurses trip, she made a short visit and soon left. Afterwhich i receive a text from her saying how she saw me in pain and did not want to tear in front of me and my family. Thank you Sheena, your visit meant alot to me, especially since we hadnt really been friends for long but you are always so supportive and friendly, i cant find another person so genuinely concern about a new friend than yourself.

My surgeon came and spoke to me, she offer to draw my blood sample which wasnt much of a problem - except they couldnt find my veins....- and that feeling sucks.... When she notify me she had to draw blood from my wrist..... i cry-out-loud. Literally....

outside the curtain, bbbb describe my begging as a fearful one, he said they were all so worried about me and could hear my pain as i sob and sometimes scream aloud (when the needles were poke thrice on my left arm, thrice on my right arm, once on my right wrist, once from the needle that was dripping lactose into my body, and once on my fist... ALL THIS IN ATTEMPT TO DRAW 50ml of blood for blood sampling.... can you imagine how THIN my veins are... )

i cannot describe the pain... really... i will never consider WRIST-cutting as an attempt to end my life... it hurts TOO MUCH.. if you know how it feels when the needle first poke the bone before drawing blood.. you know EXACTLY what i'm talking about. They draw my blood thrice during my entire stay...and every single trip it hurts like f**k..... *shakes head just thinking back


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