Wednesday, November 16, 2011

tonight's gonna be a different night in comparison to the usual head-home-after-work-night for a couple of my cousins and Pau are gonna meetup to celebrate BabycuzRaymond's birthday.

sobx*** he was only 21.... haha/ but that was already 2 years back.

And back then, everyone else looks equally silly//

.... thank God we've moved on.... tsk tsk tsk///

some of us actually looks younger now than then

Gonna post a bit more pictures taken 2 years ago before updating the latest batch we are gonna take tonight..

Whats even better was this year..... bbbbbb's coming along with me!

you cannot always tell my excitement especially since he isnt the sort of person that would want to accompany me to just anywhere. He usually plays the role of a perfect bf that fetches me when i am done with my entertainment=)

So bbbb and i had met with some issues in our relationship that kept us quarrelling for a while, but we've since decided to take our relationship a step back, and instead of the usual stayover over the weekend, this week i am staying put at my own place and meeting him for a proper date in town this saturday, after which he would fetch me home before leaving for his, just like how relationship started so sweet and all.. i am very excited about dressing up to impress... and it dawn upon me how much we took it for granted to dress up for outing since we had spend the night before together and it was just the usual "spend time out in the afternoon".

BAck then, it was so much different..

the first 6 month into our relationship, i was pulling my hair by the side into a ponytail and volumize it up with some hair products.

i also brought my shades out, to match my bag and i bother to put on a bangle.. ( which was a rare deal cos i always pack light)

infact i can hardly remember when was the last time i specially bought a dress to wear on a special occasion with him....

sometimes i felt like i dress like a pregnant lady

Bottom line is that i hope all this will change if we work on seeing the good side/past of each other and put a little more effort to impress each other..  =)

i know how random my blog can get at times.. so this time is no difference... i am signing off.. abruptly.. bye


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