Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Happy birthday bbbb

bbbbb turn 26 some weeks back, i knew him since i was 14, so logically speaking we have known each other for more than 10 years.

i hadnt actually knew him that well enuff to know his family back then, we were mutual friends, both chubby and from different schools, it was only till i hit 21 (haha... ) and invited him to my 21st birthday party (by chance) that things blossom <3

i think bbbbb is really blessed to come from a family of very lively people - not like mine are stale and dull haha...  what i really meant was how each and every family member has a different character they play in the house and manytimes it makes the atmosphere extremely active and participative

Rodman - a.k.a bbbbb, has 3 other siblings but unlike me, he is the third child of the family. In his house, the siblings set up an bank account (thanks to his sister who is a banker) that allows them to fund their dinner every fornight or so.

Ever so often, they held group chat to discuss the next step of action for what was about to come (let's say the halloween, his sister ROM, his mum's medical advances, someone's birthday.. etc... ) The most current one would be his sister's ROM. But slightly before that, they had arrange to celebrate bb's birthday over dinner, followed by ice-cream....

Dinner was Ah Orh Seafood located near Sim Ming road but i was not to disclose the address cos the food taste really good and we wouldnt want to share too much info for fear we might have to wait quite a while in time to come.... We had cold crab and stuff.. chatted over dinner.. and it was during this time that bbbb's sis fiance had to be vegetarian for a while so we had some really good vege dishes as well.

After dinner, we set off in 3 car (bbbb's sis, his bro, and his bro''s gf's) and off we went to Udders at gardens, which bbbbbb couldnt couldnt stop raving since the previous time we went with his lilsis. All of us tried the MaoShanWang ice-cream... and i must say, it could very well be one of the best durian ice cream i;ve ever eaten/

bbbbb's lilsis ordered the waffle cone ice cream and all of us wanted a taste of it.. haha

my very fat fingers.... -.-" can you see how big the cone was? 
 The birthday boy too engross with his MaoShanWang to care about posing for a picture
 stop to offer a bite......
 can you see how PURE the durian was? it was literally scoop out from the durian and iced!
 his usual frown, back to the ice cream, back to ignoring me... heehee
and the overall result from 9 of us eating ice cream........

His entire family (from left to right) --> sis's fiance, sis, lil sis, me, bbbb, his dad, his mum, bro's gf, bro

bbbbb's mum, the funniest lady who would do silly stuff  with bbbbb at his command... ahha

after Udder's we were all full... but bbbb still has his birthday cake.. so it was back to his place at the usual spot (i've witness this birthday singing session at the same spot for 3 years now =)

the number of candles on the cake makes me sad... and touched/./

you might notice the smoke from the cake... the "kids" (bbbb and his bro) were playing with dry ice

making his wishes...

and another round of ice-cream (the cake is malt flavored ice cream cake form Ice-Cube, gardens)

and there you have... the same man i;ve spend mostly every single other second apart from school/work/with friends with...

and despite all the silly fights we might have once in a while, the usual ranting, i love him more than anything in my life (he's actually on the same rank as my parents and grandparents.. )

my bbbbb's older now... can think much maturelly- i hope. And in time to come one fine day we might not end up together but life has been good this three years with him,,, and i am not complaining =)

If we are more affirm with each other, who knows this might be the other half i am spending my life with.... but we shall let time tell...

in any note, Happy birthday bbbb.... i hope i get to sit on the front passenger seat for the longest time when you are the driver... =)

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