Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Life's little rantings

i know this wouldnt come as a huge news... but----- bbb and i are going to Malaysia -AGAIN.

i know how you hear that from me ALL THE TIME, but this time the trip's gonna be for NO reason.. haha.. as simple as that....

bbbb's mum and dad's gonna head back to their Malacca's pad and i need to grab a good pair of cutie flip flops from the night Market and so, off we arrange...

i can imagine all the junk food i am gonna gobble down... and how bbbbb and i can legally pluck off all the mangoes outside his house... and if i am lucky *finger crossed, i might be able to lay my hands behind the wheel and work on some much-needed practical driving training (its been EONS since i got my PDL but i havent done much thereafter)

Yesterday marks a major occasion to the Goh family as bbbbbb's sister tied the knot with her beau of 12 awesome years, the preparation running before the actual day was tiresome, nevertheless, it all went pretty well (minus the Iphone music that was airing tooooooo silently and bbbbbbbb's bro random speech)

I would really wanna blog a post based solely on the preparation into the actual day.... bbbbbb, his mum and i source the entire Singapore (we made trip-S to Spotlight, Chinatown, arab street, Daiso, Jurong IMM...etc) weeks after weeks jsut to get all the material, i sews the stuff, while his mum build (literally hammer the nails and saw the woods) the platform to get all the stuff ready. It was a MAJOR combine projects and i'm glad it's now over.

i've since develope a STRONG linking to celebration preparation, so for those of you looking hiring a planner for any event and half the cost off a Pte Ltd ones, do keep me in mind *wink

In another news, i've discuss with bbbbb and we both felt it was high time i bring my blogshop skills back ontrack. After having complete some projects (fashion shows,,,, i felt i have reached the stage i could get on my feet to get my own .com going. Afterall, the only knowledge i TRULY gain from my diploma in BIT was perhaps the HTML coding to building a website, and with the help of my very-talented lilbro (who is a web designer that charges thousands per projects btw) this thing should works.

i've marked in mind some very pretty friends of mine to engage in this project, and bbbbb's very nicely volunteer to pump in cash, its in the planning and i hope i'll bring some good news soon =)

Work's been fine, minus all the stress i've been bringing onto myself, everyone's complaining about how i've been losing weight, but some of bbbbbb's relatives and close friends say this was positive, especially this aunty of his whom i feel very very nice, mentioned she never really take a close look of me till yesterday (during the solemnization) and she felt i look much much better than before (with my now sharper features)

i wont be lying to tell you the truth that i've been seeking help with my diet.... such as diet pills... my bf is aware of this matter but i;ve stopped the medication during the period when i was down with my 2011 fever (my once-a-year major fever that usually last for months) which was about 2 months ago, and the weight had been steadily going down, which is a good sign, i;ve also taken an approach to pack food from home (which i enjoy doing since it saves me a lot of trouble and $$$) and sometimes the same food from yesterday bored me so much i completelly skipped lunch.

I'm currently weighing between 50-52Kg which is still consider overweight according to the secondary school TAF club requirement, so please dont ask me to stop cos i've got a long way to go. Also, with regards to Timmy (the living thing inside my stomach, a.k.a Tummy ) i might engage some REAL help from doctors cos we now suspect its not fats, but fibroids. Should i remove this non-cancerous tumour off my body, i hope to one day announce to all of you my succeed in dieting...

and i will celebrate that joyous occasion with a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot... dunno where and how i should make it special thou.

sooooo much for ranting whatever came into my mind.... i'll blog soon as i return from Malacca (OR during tomorrow's lunch who knows). Till then, take care my Mainlands mates (a terms now commonly term by friends and family who learnt that i am permanently working in Pioneer road and off-SG... haha


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