Saturday, November 19, 2011

i love you bbbbbbbbbb

Something unexpected happens today... ok.. maybe yesterday// bleahz

ok... so i was all hyped and confident that not staying over bbbbbbbbbbb on friday will be an awesome idea since we need some space apart... but i failed that mission cos he was being so sweet to accompany me for dinner at chinese garden and spent some time with me watching TV at my place... and den we went off - together- back to his.. hahah...
But i din COMPLETELY failed my plan.... we spent sat as plan... like a fresh young couple dating in town, holding hands, accompany each other (HIM - uniqlo, Goal! stadium, Burberry and Braun Buffel, HER-forever21, Prada, Daiso, far east plaza)... catching a movie (we watched The Three Musketeers)... and talk about just anything!
Then just seconds ago i saw a book lying on his study room and there was a strange aura that lure me into pulling it off the shelf (sorry Charmine! i should have asked you permission).... and den i saw this--------------->  

It felt strange for me to be actually checking out know-all books since i am usually a HUGE fan of fictional novels but could never complete 20% of "who moved my cheese)

I didnt start from the first page, i flip immediately to my horoscope and was amused by the findings.... 

(Kristal's)Aquarius + Scorpio(Rodman's)
 like the book suggested, we are two very unique individual with powerful characteristic, alot of the relationship depends on how to compromise to make the relationship works?

i'll represent my star sign using myself and his using himself. The book distinctively differentiate our characteristics with me being honest & straightforward while he is deeply secretive and emotional. My star sign is not usually connected to emotions - thou i am someone who tends to express my emotion in the most obvious way i.e. happy = laugh, sad=sob, and this is one of the major reason that had drawn me to him.... 

One of his strong feature (in my opinion, i had agreed with the book almost 100%) is determination, and this can apply to the area he will like to have things done in his own way, the likelihood of him giving up on anything halfway is impossible. 

With similar traits found in myself, very often the point of quarrel tend to be during activities that were being carried out together. When the both of us work on a project together, we would be likely to compete against each other and complete it, this is also how we support each other in the MOST practical way.

I can vividly remember helping him clear his room just a week ago.... bbbbb gets emotional when he had to throw stuff he is attached to away, and this "stuff" includes empty shoe boxes, postcards, air tickets, hotel room access cards and bags. There are items, in my opinion - impractical, useless and space-occupier.... we couldnt agree on which one was to be kept and which to be thrown.... he experience maximum shock when i dumps his harddisk drive, floppy disk reader and CPU fan away but i couldnt understand how these "treasures" will benefit any of us in the current era... despite them being fantastic brands like logitech.... In the end we agreed that i will clean up and arrange the new space he has cleared while he work on clearing other spaces, throwing away his "treasure".. THAT IS THE PRACTICAL WAY OF US COMPROMISING TO EACH OTHER!
The book suggest that even if things shall not blossom between us, we will learn to place a high level of respect towards each other after we part. i couldnt agree more! bbbbbbbbbb has taught me alot of things in life that i could never set interest on... and instead of letting me be, he will held on to the same stuff, reminding me about them every single chance he found a connection to. It usually take me no more than 3 reminders to shoot him with a "i've heard this twice before, from you!

After which he will smile and continue talking about it and that is the point it drill.... right into my mind... and stays.... 

While bbbbbbbb and i are great communicators, we express our message different. What brought me to a enlighenment was that the book had identify his star sign to be a non-verbal commicator - which was one of his characteristics that almost had me leaving him many times... 

After having read this book, i admit i was in the wrong to expect him to express himself clearly like i had done to him.... i should have understand him beneath the sound he make, learn his body gesture and study his eye when he talks. Scorpio are EXPERTS at non-verbal communicator. His communication of ideas goes beyond expression via feelings, it extends to his desire to intimacy. 

In short, the relationship shall be complex and challenging, this combination is the classic case of the immovable object VS irresistible force.... in epic terms... think of  Muhammad moves the mountain.
One important thing that all scorpio dating Aquarius should take note!!!~

Page 180 of the book is CRUCIAL -->  Aquarius born 21-31 January are quite restless individual (this part of the book.. is so scarily true... )  THEY ARE LIKELY TO CHANGE THEIR OPINION AS OFTEN AS THE WIND CHANGES, also,  they can be rather explosive. This means it will be hard for the both of you to see eye to eye.. .

Crazily accurate readings.. and i cannot wait to read this out loud to bbbbbbbbb... i know i have a rare temperature... and i now know this will affect our relationship... but nevertheless, i;ve learn just how i can go about making our relationship works! i wanna appreciate bbbbbbbbbbbbbb's expression of ideas in a non-verbal way...

if i may express it one more time.... in the most Aquarius-way ever - i love you bbbbbbbbbbb!!!! As direct as that!!!


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