Saturday, October 10, 2009

a REALLY lazy afternoon at home, and here's all that i have loaded my tummy with

  • fried vermicelli
  • fried carrot cake
  • prawn kuay teow soup
  • egg tart
  • siew mai
  • salmon fish
  • 1 scallop
  • 1 prawn
  • 2 clams

Dad has been complaining, all time he saw me at home i am helping myself to the food resources at home, as thou i hadnt eaten all year, and i cant help it, i am feeling so empty, it as if food can occupy those emptiness and makes me feel better...

i wonder why i am feeling so low lately, gotta buck up and hang out with all friends sooner, i feel my roots growing, sticking my body to within 10 km, and all that i can get my ass to, are places nearby, are places that keeps my mood in place..

oh honey, wont you come home sooner.. i need you

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