Sunday, October 18, 2009

~i have always hated wearing bra, ever since puberty at age 10, i had to. When i was at her place, i refuse to sleep with a bra. That morning, she wakes me up and ask if i would want to go for a stroll with her, i reluctantly heads for her wardrobe and search for a bra, but then i change my mind.
That morning, we went for a stroll by the long-gang, with me in a sexy red spaghetti stripe i found in her wardrobe... and she was happy.

~i stand inside her red trolley, and smile to myself as she pushes the trolley. Then i will pause her and demand to come out of the trolley. We would flatten the trolley and with the handle in my left hand, and my tiny right hand in her wrinkle hand, we would walk to the market for grocery and to secretly indulge in her favourite "oyster-omelette" that the others wouldn't allow her to eat, including her doctor.

~she holds my hand and secretly tickles my palm, i would struggle and try to shake my tiny hand. She was strong, she smile at me while i scream and laugh and beg her to stop. Den she slowly stop her tickling, and we will continue to stroll hand in hand to her next appointment.

~she makes dumpling, every year, i wanted to help and beg her to allow me to contribute, she will be reluctant at first, den slowly give in to my crazy demand. She opens the drawer and took out a butter knife, that was how i started my culinary interest, chopping garlic and crying while peeling onion.

~i love to impress her, i hate to be at home, back then the letterbox was never locked, i would grab all the brochures from mummy before she throw them away. i would lay the colourful brochures on the table, carefully selecting those i tink will impress her. I will put it all in a blue envelope, the ones i force mummy to buy me. Den on a saturday, i will tk them all out and impress her, she would study them one by one, asking me how i came to my selection. i was proud of myself.

~she made wonderful blanket, and i wanted one just like my brother's. i demanded a pink one with ribbon, she did me one with minnie mouse, and another with satin cloth and pony. i haven use another blanket since.

~she heard me sing one day, and taught me to sing her favourite song in hokkien, i would sing it with her and we would dance together, back then we were never embarress.

~she flash her boob to me once, placing my tiny hand on her mechanical heart, she told me "never forgets my heartbeat" i never did

i want to join u, wherever u are now, it hurts, my heart hurts,

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