Sunday, October 11, 2009

i am so so so scared... it was a few min of the greatest near-shock experience of mine.. i am very very very glad my bf and i are supportive of each other... thanks bb.. thank God.

i wanna share this experience with you guy, no comment needed, this is the nearest to crime i had since 12 yr old.

There are stranger out there, so beware my friends.

So it was another random day that bb and i were planning what we gonna get for each other on x'mas, and my bb was planning a real surpise for me. Suppose all o>f you already know my character and how i am able to force bb to spill the bean, i finally found out he had been planning to get me a Iphone this year.

In the afternoon, admist our usual conversation, bb ask me if i knew anything about paypal, knowing i wasnt that supportive of paypal since i have heard alot about it, i told bb i wasnt of much help

Later in the night when i reach home from work, Bb excitedly jump at the chance to tell me he is really excited cos he sold his phone off and shall have enough money to buy me a new Iphone.. i was equally excited but my sixth sense tells me something wasnt very right. i then prompt bb into telling me more about the sales and he says payment is done through paypal and he would have to send the phone to Africa.

Now, i have heard alot about Africa and was aware of its malicious scam, so i told bb immediately not to jump at the chance and allow me a chance to study this whole matter. A little irritated at first, he soon quiet down a little to give this whole transaction a second thought.

Meanwhile i did a google search on "sending parcel to Africa, nigeria" and found this link

it freak me out big time.. as well as this

and i forward all mails to bb... i ask bb for the person account and his name, and i did a further research on "Judy Rawlings", there were no findings on the person but his name broken up can be found in the same link of scam-fraud .

Bb soon realise something might be wrong and he did another research on the paypal transaction transcript. True to my intuition, it was a 100% scam..

he had received a transcript from

a further research on this email address can be found here -->

we are going all out to reject that person nicely now.... and bb is very thankful he had discuss with me earlier... i am still scared out of my wits... now.. still am.. i will copy paste the discussion btw my bf and him later

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