Friday, May 20, 2011

so over the weekend there was a major event going on in the Goh family... one of bbbbbbbbbbb's cousin was getting married and i was invited to join them, tgr with the Goh..... on this very special occasion...

i'll be breaking this entry up into two... one without the gorgeous bride and the next post will include her.. hahha..

so the event was held in Holiday Inn... and it was blast... food was fabulous (have you tried shark fin soup on its own? no tau-gey, no parsley, no egg, no extra flavoring just shark fin plus bird nest put tgr? it tasted really pure.. and different from those i would have drank before)

oh and bbbbbbbbbb's cousin were a fun bunch.... i guess having a wedding in their family lighten up their mood and everyone were joking and fooling around... the cousin also prepare a special performance for the newly-wed and i think they really like it.... here's a picture of bbbbbbbbb's family and me... there would be a couple more...

sorry the picture are in a messy sequence.... i got them off a couple of cameras, my iphone, my own camera... blah blah blah...

some picture of us before leaving his place.... my mates claim i look like a TaiTai here.... cant believe i'll be called a taitai (age region 30 and above) at the age of 24..... T_T

the joke that night revolves around this pose called "kate spade" i guess no more explanation is needed from here...

Charmine and i... and a unusual suspect who decide he will slot himself in into the picture

licking bbbbbb from a distance away..
finally a proper picture of us tgr...

combination of Kate-spade-poses and thumbsup..... i was cupping bbbbbbbb's ear with my hand.. and that's my pose kthxbye

the night was splendid.... i guess wedding's a really good event to lighten up all the atmosphere.... gonna go push my bro to hurry up with his planning hold his wedding dinner soon!!!!

and back to those days in facebook there had been several really disturbing pictures going around.. my cuz are a bunch of monkeys and decided to held this "back to the days" trend .

here's the beginning of spot-the-kristal-contest
back in the days.. (still in practice now... ) Roasted pig are usually part of a celebration... and sort of offerring to the God.. and also part of the dinner we get to eat... i know i know.. dammit gross to post with a roasted pig.... but there you have... pictures of me and my mum... my cuz and their mum.... and...................... a PIG,.... #random

thats my Grandma in yellow... the most beloved person in my life... the one who prolly had the most dedicated entry in this diary............ the one that still holds an important place in my heart...

*off track a little.. do you know that bbbbbbbbbb had accompany me a couple of times to visit Grandma at the columbarium she is residing... ?

i really appreciate how bbbbb respect her as much as i did... and not once had he complain about going.... everytime i mention i wanna drop her a visit... he'll start the engine... bring me to buy her favorite food (as well as my AhGong's favorite milo and some offering to my uncle... they are all placed side by side) and off we went to pay our respect.... i like bbbbb and i think they will like him too =)
a picture of my entire family.... and this was when my lilsis wasnt even conceive yet.. haha..Mum had taught me how to pose in a certain way and i remember all my childhood pictures are mostly pose in the same way... my Elder bro was being piggyback on Dad's back... cos he was faintish and had vomitted..... i totally mistook this place for Haw Par villa till my cuz enlighten me....

does anyone else recall Haw Par villa except me?
my childhood sweetheart... hahahahah/// wth///

this was the nick our parent had classify us under.... he's actually my cuz... and this was taken during a birthday party? i dunno when but i love myself here/// #self-affection//

and i miss my chubby cheek and helmet hair with bangs (i had the same hairstyle my entire childhood life.. sometimes the bangs are zig-zag sometimes its straight)
so now.. you see the different... Little Kristal has grown up... so has all my other cuz...

how times flies...

i suddenly got this strange idea to re-enact the picture of the past and take another exact shot..

gonna post this idea up and share with my cuz...ttyl

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