Thursday, May 12, 2011

Like many of us... last weekend was a standard weekend for all to celebrate mother's day.. mine was no exception.... only exception to every other year was that this year we had to do our election first before leaving the house...

i had bbbbbb sent me back home for the voting... the result are out by now so i wouldnt harp too much on it... Dad BroGary and i went on to cast our vote at the primary school nearby.. afterwhich i prepared myself and left the hse to join bbbbbb and his family for a afternoon over at Old HongKong dim sum restaurant at Raffles city

The dim sum was ok and the bill was nasty.. the taste did not stay longer than a minute the moment i flush it down with tea.... i believe the food taste nice (according to bbbbbbb's family but the fact that the taste didnt linger longer makes me think otherwise....)

Not long after lunch we walk around Raffles City a bit more (got ourselves some Gongcha... their favourite and it was back to bbbbbbb's place for me to prepare for my accounts revision... )

Here's a picture of us boarding a train back to my place the night before.. i worn this checkered button shirt that i had to get from F21 weeks earlier.. turns out the cutting wasnt all that flattery by this time.. (no idea why) and i had to give it away to lilsis..........

so sunday even Mum booked a table to celebrate Mother's Day with the family and my Elder bro and sis-in-law joined us as well..... we had a group chat days earlier and had plotted to get Mum a bouquet of Carnations and Roses... so i had it sent over to Bro's house and have him bring it along the dinner to surprise Mum....

Sweet bbbbbb accompanied me to the dinner and we didnt had great time (for the performance was pathetic.. and i wont elaborate on it much). Rather, we spent the night chatting with each other.. saying silly jokes and taking picture... the guest of honour of the night was Mr Vivian Balakrisnan and he was truly a man with charm..

i am not going to be another person to speak politically about him but here's my very humble experience meeting this man and his Wife..
He was invited upon to grace the Mother's Day dinner and as he went up the stage to speak... he begin and end the speech thanking everyone for coming down to celebrate the day together and more importantly to thank his wife for being her and knowing how tough it is being a woman.

i think man that truly thank his Wife from the bottom of his heart deserve an applause.. and he is no exception... may i also add on that throughout the dinner (which had consist of abalone, shark fin, scallop and all things expensive) Not once had Mr Vivian, nor his wife, sat at their table for more than half an hour..... with my own eyes i saw, he made his way around EACH AND EVERY TABLE IN THE EVENT THAT NIGHT proposing a toast to all the Mothers that were present that night... our table had a fair share of his presence too and he was really really sincere talking to us..

at one point my Aunt had asked if he could take a picture with all the Mums at our table... he said "sure! and ...... whats that camera you're using?"

haha. i had brought along my Hello Kitty Polaroid and taken a instant shot of them.. (a pity he hadnt open his eyes... but his wife was beautiful..... ) before moving on to the next table...

towards the last few dishes he was still seen proposing toast to the rest of the mothers at other table.... i saw a sweet little girl walk up to his wife and gave her a stalk of flower before running back to her table all the way at the other end....

you wouldnt think so much about it except i saw HIS WIFE WALKING GRACEFULLY BACK TO FIND THAT LITTLE GIRL and thanking her personally

side track a little.... here's a picture of them i found online.. isnt she pretty?

my impression of Mr Vivian Balakrishnan, and his very beautiful wife change indefinitely....

okok/// back to the dinner.. nuttin much went on after that except for the wonderful dinner (and a drunk performer who ALMOST strip himself while singing).. so here's me ending the post with pictures of me.... my sis... and our very very very adorable Daddy



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