Sunday, May 01, 2011

having heard about my attempt to lunch alone on facebook status, i've gain alot of "respect" and "consolation" from alot of friends (thanks.. love you all) and some concern from people who care about me...

Just moments ago, lil'bro Gary text me on facebook with regards to this matter and it was from there that i learn i am not alone. Just months back during Jan 2011 (my birthday month... wahhaha) there has been a "eat alone in school campus campaign"

Typically, all the students have to do is to put on the "i dare to eat alone" tee shirt and find a seat in their campus while enjoying their lunch all by themselves.

Firstly i would like to highlight the limitation of this exercise, how would you enlighten people around you that is it OK to eat alone when at the back of your mind, there are a thousand more student putting on the SAME tee shirt and doing the same thing elsewhere, doesnt that defeat the purpose of eating "A-L-O-N-E"?

irregardless of these, may i mention i am thankful that i am not the only one seeing issue as a obstacle in part of my adult life? I admit before i was convince i had to do this eat-alone exercise, i had often choosen to give up eating lunch if i had to eat alone..

you may say this is good to keep up with the diet routine but the effect thereafter is regretable. Knowing i have skip lunch gives me a sense of accomplishment but the hunger doesnt go away for the next three hours and those moment were often unbearable.

In addition to the hunger i would suffer from, i also had a change of mood, temper and turns to throwing temper (very often the people closest to you gets hurt first)

i guess i am thankful that bbbbbbb highlight the problem and advise me to get over this phase, he also show his support by lunching alone, giving me a good example of how this issue isnt really an ISSUE if i had look at it differently.

Cuz and Pau also share with me their experience of lunching alone and how we can always take away our lunch if we need a peace serenity to enjoy the food and mulitask by listening to music or reading the notes, all of which are things i HAVE to do or SHOULD do..

quote the Straits Time -------------"Fellow participant and third-year sociology student Sabrina Ng, 21, said, 'This campaign really encourages people to get out of their comfort zone. I think it's because Singaporeans are more conscious of themselves, and therefore find eating alone to be a bad thing when it really isn't.'

i dont think i would want to convince anyone of you to take action today and lunch alone, but i am gonna continue to do so... and hopefully when i get into the working society and unfortunately met the WORST OF THE WORST PEOPLE , i can reject their offer to lunch together and turn to eating alone ----- with a ease of mind.... and conscious..

hahhaa... do gimme more example of you people lunching alone please..... it would help motivate me to take it another step further (i am already looking at touring oversea alone.... )

thanks pals


Clarinda said...

So proud of you mama! :D

Don't worry you're definitely not alone in this. I actually liked eating by myself occassionally when working at Citibank 'cos just needed to get away from the gossips and what's not that goes on when you lunch with colleagues. First few times felt a little strange, but I found that checking my mobile helped calm me down; something to distract ourselves that we're lunching alone.

And I had breakfast at the coffeeshop nearby my house before I go to work, so was forced under circumstances to eat by myself too. Think that for me, studying alone (esp. at PP Mac's if you recall LOL), just chilling at a cafe with a drink and a book, and shopping alone were like the baby steps to being comfortable with being by myself.

Solitude isn't lonesome if you're comfy in your own skin (:

Chng Kristal said...

great... you are that sort of benchmark i am aiming for.. the sort that really crave for some lone time... i wanna look at the food i am eating and appreciate how the chicken cutlet is fried so golden brown and appreciate how each vege were cook to the finest.... i wanna enjoy the art of eating alone

and i want not to pretend i am busy doing something i am not when eating alone, i want to do something i really am doing..

thanks for the motivation angel.. i'll be like you soon!