Thursday, September 16, 2010

some backdated pictures from Yester-year.

It was Jian Ji's birthday... you'll see most of my secondary mates here.... we've all grown soooooooo much Group pic of the ensemble.. There was always a "3xCrystals" lying in the air...

Another group pic.. most of us grew up.. work, got our partners... so the once a year meetup was appreciated.. we did quick updates to each other about our lives.

The 2xCrystals/// hahha/// we have Kristal & Krystle taking pictures tgr.. she is a very very sweet girl, other than the fact that she wasnt from Deyi, my Girl and i pretty much treat her as one of us....

My Girl & i

Swollen Eye master... his mini-eyes are further minimize due to an eye-infection...

My Girl- i miss you much!

The Ex.. hahaha.. i like this joke!

What can i say? !!!!!!!!!!! i miss times when my girl&i chat like there was no tomorrow. Sharon besties cannot join us this year due to her work commitment.... i guess i look forward to this day every year.. we meet.. chat by the pool....
Tells the partner how our classmates use to be a joke.... force the guy to BBQ food for us.. And for the 2nd year in a row i complain we couldnt have chilli crab.
some monkeys remain as monkeys... Jun Min sums up my point completely..
His partner in crime Jian Chong tone down a little thanks to the new "crystal"
i wanna see us look different every year... hahahaa


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