Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I sure wish i had that mood to do more light hearted post..

All has been well with exception from the sudden news of bbbbbbbbb's buddy. His dad was discovered with the 4th stage liver cancer and haven got much good news to share. I hope he is coping well... but who on earth can cope with such news?

I suddenly recall those last few days with Grandma... i guess some feelings dont sink in till you really lost the person.. I was the most frustrated, more untouchable at the moment. I had a strong layer of wall surrounding, at that point of time, i dont wan anyone to offer their advice, i dont want anyone to tell me all is fine.

"what do they know? Are they losing someone too?"

i rather take it in myself, jail myself in the world i believe was still evolving.. i wanted some time alone with her.... i dont want anyone to join me... she was mine, all mine..

Den after weeks of struggle, she left... and the only clear impression i had of that day was the moment her hands turn all stiff and cold..

The hand all warm and tender immediately turn cold and stiff

Many years later, i haven forget her... i've learnt that she had left, but not completely... i know some part of her still linger.... i can feel it... perhaps it was her way of encouraging me to move on with life.. Thank you Grandma..

On a lighter note, pic attached are taken on a recent prison-run held in Changi Prison, it was a great even if not for the part where my BB died due to the heavy rain we ran in.. bbbbbbbb've taken a liking in running and we are opting for more. We've also make a note to try scuba diving tgr.... i like how we can deep interest in something tgr, so suddenly.

Also, i had the chance to meet Green Apple Green Tea last weekend. We chill in her room and just talk, been a llong time since we did something silly like that.. and i really enjoy it... back in Secondary school, we usually chill at her place while playing DDR, and GreenAppleGreenTea will surprise us with her cooking... did i mention ? Her mum makes the BEST yongTauFoo on earth!

Then comes Sat where bbbbb and i attended babyCuz's 21st birthday.. it's the best party i've ever attend and she made a speech so touching it warm my heart till today... Haven got the permission to share the pic as of now so we shall all be kept in dispense... The theme was "Lace & Bow" so you can look forward to lots of picture of pretty babes. My BabyCuz herself was so pretty that day.... Mum told me BabyCuz shed some tear of joy? i cant tell but it was a touching event...

bbbbbbb and i spend every other day tgr during the weekend, we did movie and thats about it.. we have a major plan coming right up so spending it out of bound at the moment.. as such.. i refrain myself from entering town to resist that temptation.... i hope i can share this piece of news with you all soon..


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