Thursday, September 23, 2010

* scary figures... i just realise this is my 666th post since i pick up blogspot.

Coincidentely,,..... 666 is also the significant number represent satan.. hahaha
Anyway... gonna focus to keep all silly tots away..

It was the first week into my stay at UK, all had been well.... bbbbbbbb and i were like married couple, catching tv on youtube, snuggling on bed and basically visit Primark (which have also been proclaim by the bf as the one and only place i shall remember deeply after this trip - to which i promptly agree!)

I wanted a great photoshoot since we could not agree on a beach in Singapore good enuff to capture great pictures, so bbbbbbbb suggested "the coast"

It was a short metro ride from Haymarket....

short jump to the subway we had for lunch... bread are like the only edible and affordable lunch there!
My post are soo jumble up thanks to blogspot, i shall first talk about the toy musuem we visit after the coast trip. Here you see me standing outside the entrance leading to one of the most beautiful (in bbbbbbbbb's word, it was creepiest) museum one could ever visit.

Without a doubt, the place was also know as "The Toy Museum"

How we can miss out something we ALL love? Barbie dolls are the only thing a girl cannot do without in my era... haha.. memories..
There were really classic dolls, i remember seeing the barbie in a white/black/stripe/suit which i recall was the first ever attire for barbie in history!

bbbbbbbbbbbbb honestly hates this part... he could not even stand a minutes of helping me take a picture....
Amazingly, inside that cabinet was a letter written to the musuem by the boy/man that had once own Charlie. He had mimick himself as charlie and wrote a letter pleading with whoever he shall end up with to take real good care of him.
Can you believe Charlie is VERY VERY old? He was a icon in all my horror novel back in Primary School. Ventroloquist favourite & children worst nightmare!

bbbbbbbbbbb.... force to accompanyy me to the toy museum

Some shots taken by the beach.. enjoy =)


this picture makes me smile

The castle behind is the priory castle, dont you think the layout between the sea and castle are like a poster taken down from fairy tales?

Taken while bbbbbb stand along the steps and i was at the bottom

the walkway leading to the sea.... Remember a scene from Mr Bean when he wanted to get some tann along the beach? He was struggling to put on his swiming trunk while taking off his pant. The scene stuck in my head while i was there... the sort of long and aimless stairs leading to the bottom of the sea was exactly the type i saw hjere..

the pathway leading to the sea.. bbbbbb and i envy the families that had stayed there... they seem to be on a holiday everyday of their life. Did you notice the end of the road seems to lead straight into the sea?

I didnt want to leave that place, i love the coast! However, lunch was a sore! there wasnt a proper eatery in sight... only pub selling chips..
A hungry person would never like that place for long

and we are back at Haymarket, after a long and enjoyable day!

As usual, summer stood longer thatn usual so we were lucky to spend more time at the malls.... One would never complain at Haymarket for i find the clothes pretty each time i look at them, 6 days in a row, 3 times a day!

a pic from the metro ride in the morning, looking all fresh and good!

the metro station we look forward to !

my loots/spurge/damage!

By night time (which was about 8pm? at night) we had the chance to walk around the area looking at people get drunk, wasted by the alcohol. This was a status of Her Lady. If we cant see her, we'll see her statue!

The tynemouth bridge? Where we spend the night enjoying the sea breeze, and taking more picture!
Awwwwwwwwwwwww............ i miss us during that time!

The bridge behind does a rotation when the ship lift up the pathway so the ship can cross under it before placing the pathway back to where you see it. Amazing architecture. We had to pose for another picture!

My entrt's getting shorter , so is the memory we had of Newscastle, i wish i could return to that place.... the land of fairytale! up is the entry on our trip to Manchester United stadium at Old Trafford, a sponsored trip by bbbbbbbbbbbb to see the amazing world of soccer?!~


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