Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A few pictures to cover the last weekend... or even before!bbbbbbb and i went on a simple impromptu trip to nowhere. haha.. we wanted to try circle line and ended up at Kallang Entertainment Centre.... had a pretty good day before i'm off for my secondary schoolmates' birthday party..

  • Birks from Birkenstock
  • White tube from H&M, which i promptly change into other outfit later cos the top was too long
  • Swim shorts from Aussie, gift from Cuz Vivien
  • Shades from F21
  • Hair undone
  • Headband from H&M
  • Watch from Sovil Titus
  • Wallet from Bally
  • Bikini from NEXT, uk
another after work shopping trip with PaperStop... i think we cover Bugis street, and ended up at dessert store- Ah Chew's. (thanks to Denise darlin's recommendation)

  • Bikerchic necklace from New look
  • tank top from a Itchyybackside.LJ
  • dont remember my bottoms

My favourite outfit was this by far... worn it today while i'm blogging this!
  • Blazer from Bonitochico.LJ, aka LoveBonito.com
  • Tiffany green Spaghetti tank from Cotton On
  • Leggings from unknown source
  • Headband from H&M
  • and i am ready to rock and roll.. its THAT simple... hahaha

Went on another round of sourcing with PaperStop... we covered SpotLight at PS and happen so that there was a 20% sales storewide.. we swamp that place.. bought enough material to make both our bf's scrap book and gift.

  • Stripe tanks dress with England Flag, from Dorothy Perkins
  • Stripe pink slip on shoes, from River Island
  • SAME headbank from H&M (hahaha.. i cant stand my fringe lah)
  • holding on to my BB
  • robe bracelet from TopShop (argh... didnt capture that! its really pretty)

a few more Kity Flying days with bbbbbbbb's family... i love that day (did i already mention that?)

  • Floral Chiffon Blouse from online
  • Blue shorts from Bugis street (smart buy, it was dead cheap)
  • Tiffany green hairband from SinMa( haha... all time accessories cheapo place)
  • Crochet vest from Malacca
  • think i was wearing my Birks that day again.

Tadah!!! i hope i fill up this space pretty much.. teehee.. will be back toupdate more//

on a side note, i;ve been feeling pretty upset lately due to some finance issue..... all i know is i am indebted to bbbbbbbb's family my entire life. Will slog to return the money asap... reallly appreciate their help..


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