Tuesday, April 08, 2014

pre-wedding jitters

For years, i have never been prouder of being a believer of luck.
Just today, yet another accident has prodded me to really look into what exactly has been creating this aura around my family & i. 

Then i was dumbfounded, some sort of intuition you might call it
Thankfully i persisted to shift this particular item back to where it was, 
and like bbb claim there was a gust of wind & all of a sudden the sunshine shone down on me like the bad weather has subside.. 
Argh, its hard to convince myself what happen today wasnt my imagination
and again, i am thankful for bbb & his belief that i wasnt making things up when i suspect something was amiss

The preparation for our big day is drawing closer by the min, 
the process has seen more laughter than argument, 
i am so glad i had not regret a single min the man i chose to spend my lifetime with
Back to the silly memories where Sharon besties said it nonchalently, 

" i like how he smile, how he say silly jokes, i like how he sleep, i like how he takes care of his bike, how he eat, i like how he talks, how he moves, i dunno lah.. i love everything about him"

Magical aint it? The simple words put through by besties about her now husband (she said those words a long way back, before he even got his driving license) has brought my understanding of a lifetime commitment to a whole new level. 
I can safely say it will a smile, 
that i understood what she had meant, the thoughts & feelings she carried, as she say those stuff about him.
because i feel the same way too Besties, about bbbbb
and for that matter, i know better than anyone i had found a lifepartner, my soulmate, & a bolster to hug to bed :)

What's even more comforting is how we both share the same values & take on our upcoming wedding. 
Simply put, as long as we enjoy our party (that we paid for)
really, all else does not matter
yes, apart from those stuff we agree unanimously to do 
to show respect from our parents 
otherwise, this whole party's gonna be a blast, 
because we choose to make it that way

i use to see myself walking down the aisle dress like Cinderella, 
with my updo hair all neatly tied up & in those dreams
i'll be tall enough to skip the heels & still look like maxi was made for people like me -.-"
Reality, however, was an ass, so height really does matters
nope, the hunt for a wedding gown hasnt given me much jitters
apart from bbbb's constant nagging for me to go try some dresses on

it's gonna be so fun becauase he wont get to see what i will put on
till the actual day, and like all the other important people to me, 
i hope to fill their eyes with tears when they say the boyish girl they all know, look all grown up & demure enuff to say "I DO" before the JP... 
*digressing again.. shit i am good at this.. 

snapping out of my dream again, here's to 7 more months of planning, bridezilla-ish behaviors & lotsa of pretty dresses
i cant wait to start feeling nervous :)


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