Wednesday, September 11, 2013

talented Mum

Hi Guys!

as i sit here in my desk eating the leftover Gado gado from last night dinner Mum made, i realize how amazingly talented she can be, improvising on all the ingredient prep for a week worth of dinner.

Let me explain further, ain't you equally awe in surprise how the amount of marketing your mum made over the weekend turns into sumptous & delicious dinner spread over the next 5 days? I do believe this is a skill not many can acquire, and if it's me trying to planning a dinner for 5 pax overa week, i'll end up spending big bucks buying a mass variety of food just to cook separate dishes, and not one will be link from the leftover food from last night.

So my mum isn't your typical housewife material because she does not fancy whipping a 3 dishes + 1 soup spread for dinner. Her interest for cooking is limited to exquisite selection. By exquisite i meant food like Lontong, Nasi Lemak , lor mee... etc etc typically food you dont see your family cook unless you dabao from the hawker centre downstairs.   So back to my mum, she had been talking about cooking something different (after her Nasi Lemak treat last week) & so with that thought in mind, her trip to the market this week brought back ingredient like

  • Chicken, 
  • Lontong steam rice,
  • tau gey & 
  • tau kua. 
  • potato
  • egg

While alot of us associate this ingredient to the dish lotong, Mum prove us all wrong by whipping Mee Soto.
picture credit to because i was too busy eating to remembering taking a picture of Mum's mee soto.

Anyway, dinner was fantastic, bbbbb came over for it as well & i had to restrain myself from  a second helping. The way our family fancy Mee soto is when we replace the mee with bee hoon and in our case, with Lontong rice..... Mum also added a packet of potato chip into the soup to bring up the taste.

*yes you heard me right, Jack&jill potato chip - unsalted & original, go try it & thank me later... its a SECRET receipe hahahhah

i packed more soto for lunch at work the next day,i couldnt help it! it was that tasty!

With the leftover ingredient, namely those above without the chicken (cos we finish every bit of it). Mum improvise and cook us.............. Gado Gado
original picture of Mum's Gado-gado, all the ingredient nicely mixed together

Can you see how amazingly smart our Mum can be? Basically, all that Mum bought extra was the fried Tampeh, keropok & long bean. She also walked to the stall selling satay to buy a ready packed of Satay sauce (about $6 for a portion to last us 2 days.. )... Gado was served, both last night & right now over lunch. She had instructed me strictly to placed a kitchen tissue over the ingredient (without the keropok, tempeh & satay sauce)... Drip some water onto the kitchen tissue & microwave it for a good  minute...

i am eating the most tender, soft & delicious gado-gado steamed to perfection!!!!!

i know i know, i wish i could be this amazing as a wife when i had my chance in future, cooking does requires a hell load of brain juice dont you think? i reckon by today the lotong rice & all the ingredient would have been gone. All that should be left is the long bean & egg (which Mum had told me she intend to mix it into the salad for dinner, since none of us are eating at home so she's making dinner a simple fare)

In my mind i am trying to come up with my own list of Rachel Ray's week in a day! i fail so badly. Kudos to all mum, really, i would never tot being a mum could be that difficult, until i imagine myself being one.

sidetrack -- maybe i'll just cook nmaggi mee & throw all the leftover ingredient inside to serve my family

sidetrack 2 -- man my family will be under nourish

sidetrack 3 -- i suck as a mother if i was going to be one

sidetrack 4 -- point to remember = make sure to live near a hawker food centre -,-"


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