Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I met up with a bride-to-be & a good friend late last night for dinner as she hands us the invitation card. Such a fizzling warm seeing through us all transforming from the younger days into the adult we are now :)

While we were all bombarding her with the question of her wedding preparation, i am really impressed with her preparation & planning that i have absolute faith she will see everything through with ease. Well, our bride-to-be is an amazing woman who had survive the torment of the online shopping industries and is today, a proud owner of a well-known blogshop in Singapore. To say her success doesnt comes easy is an understatement, knowing her before the days she set her vision on online shopping, i must say her determination will set many of us ashame.  She's a woman with a stable business to call her own now, and us all are just really really proud of her achievement. 

We also spoke briefly about our future plans and i am so taken aback by my circle of friend's well planning & action? A tiny part of me felt embarrass for not having an immediate plan in the coming 2 years & am pretty sure the sour feeling might soon sunk in. This is the prime phase of my growing years where everyone around me starts tying the knot, some of those friends also follow up successfully with baby plans and to a certain extent,it sure looks like they are enjoying every bit of the marriage/pregnancy, although I constantly break in cold sweats when i hear them falling to victim of people who had not be conscious enough to identify their pregnancy. 

Speaking of which (going off track here.. just had to)... i was very worried when one of my friend texted me one fine afternoon about her fall as a result of some careless stranger who had not realize she was pregnant ( which is RIDICULOUS because while she is stick-thin, she is due in about 2 weeks and you can imagine the obvious swell in her tummy containing a full grown baby ready to see the world). 

It took her a while to calm me down assuring me she's fine and that she had manage to break the fall (into falling face flat to the ground... i dont want to imagine that - ever!) with a scratch knee. I dont know how you feel about pregnancy but i had this believe that all Mummies are concern about safety of their little ones that risking their lives just didnt seem like a big deal. Naturally, as a friend who had witness her through her pregnancy, i was worried about both the Mother & the child when accidents happen. Really wished everyone could take that extra step to ensuring they are aware of the people they come across everyday - some of which can barely hold on to the extra 6 kg on their belly with their skinny 40+kg body mass. 

[phew! finally let it all out, gone way offtrack.. going back to where i was suppose to be talking]

Anyway, besties had been talking to me about her views of pregnancy, as well as her concern that we should all look into settling down (at our OLD age of 26 -.-" i am truly ashamed) at this phase because we wouldnt be able to cope as well if the age gap between us and our kid are huge (i have to agree, though my plan was not to think of a kid till i am 30... which in her opinion is too old)...   but man, this is a one-sided thought, bbb and i have plans for our future but everything we do starts really small, and though i still have that concern about what besties has enlighten me on, i do believe we are on the right track :)

anyhoot..... i am really excited counting down to the trip to UK, especially excited to meet Clar (and lugging her heavy bag of goodies from her family... how much i love you angel..haha), today marks 7 days left before i finally take a breather from work & enjoy myself to the fullest for 2 weeks straight. the weather feels cold (about 10 degree average) and Clar's been reminding me to bring extra clothes for warmth (thou i;ve been putting it off trying to find excuses to buy them all in uk.. heeheehee..)

Not much plan about our travel agenda, i am lazy & all that planning makes the trip pretty predictable (which i do not fancy)... apart from the list of "must-go" in some parts of the places we are travelling (Manchester, London, Bath-Spa, Newscastle, Frankfurt & Munich), i have decided to just rely on the trusty google to randomly introduce places to visit on our free days.... and i think i must sound like some weird tourist because i've been bugging bbbbbbbbb to take me to the zoo regardless of the parts of the world we go to (thailand, malaysia, Hong kong, UK, indonesia... etc).. dont be surprise if i come back blogging about amazing (in my opinion) but out-of-the-place (in your opinion) locations we've covered... i am a freak like that. 

Here's to adding on my own excitement... 


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