Wednesday, September 04, 2013

4 weeks left

A regular wednesday like this would see me just planning for a short run around the estate after work follow by a longer night snuggling in bed till i fall asleep. 

It has been a while since i'll gotten my fingers working on the keyboard strumming away writing a post on my blog. I feel so un-intact, like i had been missing out on all the action online,yet the feeling was so familiar it actually felt really good. I must have secretly drafted like 8 post over the last couple of months, but they all went into the trash as i didnt felt it was all that worthy to be "mark" onto Chngies. 

Guess the phases of growing up is taking it's toll on me, in a good way thou, since i feel less oblige to look like i should. The pressure to keep up with the rest is also seemingly lesser & i'm submerging all of my excitement, reserving them for the upcoming trip to UK (p/s: it's 4 weeks away, i am sooooooo excited!!) 

Before i go on about the less-than-interesting life i've been living right now, let me first drag out (thank God for instagram) some of the picture that pretty much sums up my months of disappearance. 
In what seem like a haste decision, i went on & got my hair perms into the frizzy curls i've contemplated doing for a long time... 

Unfortunately, as much as i hate to admit, the change did not garner alot of positive comments & support from my family & friends. I dont really know exactly how i feel about it, but it wasnt sitting well on my tress as i begin to lose a atrocious amount of hair, especially at the front & it got me really worried. 

So in what seem like a blink, i had it straighten - to a new depth of straight (i would like to use what my friends describe as FLAT instead of straight...)
there! i have super sleeky, black (cos i had it dyed Jet black) straight hair! Way out of the norm for me because i very much prefer to have slight curves at the hair end... 

Well's begger's cant be chooser, i am happy for now, & am working hard on applying tonic to the scalp every night till i get back my thick & healthy tress. 
3 different person altogether eh? My hair define my look, this is very true for me at least. 

So apart from all that fussiness about a balding head, i;ve also been playing a little more than usual of Tennis... 
All thanks to a bunch of patients friends who did not give up on Rodman & i despite us learning as we play. Tennis has always been my no.1 favorite sports but with little teaching it took me a long time to juggle a game. 

Thankfully i have my usual bunch of Tennis Kaki now that i can count on to sweat it all out. So lucky to enoy a sports i really love :)


All the other times i've been doing the usual stuff, counting on my blessings, talking chillaxing with the friends & inviting more old friends to catch up. Time past so fast, its high time someone takes the initiative to invite old friends out for a chat over a cup of  coffee, so why not me?

bbbbb told me i seem to have a large circle of friends but i beg to differ, i only seem to have them all so because i find myself taking a huge leap in 2013 to jump forth & text friends i haven't spoken to. I guess i was too caught up with pride all this times, alot of us cannot bring ourselves to ask our old friends for an meetup for fear of being rejected. but it was in my 2013 resolution to achieve this task i find so difficult.... and believe it or not, i have been ticking all the resolution i've set for 2013 sooooo well i am actually enjoying the process :)

One of the more memorable experience i've clock was to set up a group chat on facebook inviting a bunch of young ladies whom i've interacted with back in Secondary school, to brunch over a sunday. Fortunately it turn out pretty well and i'm already meaning to plan for the next one.... dont you agree doing something  out of your norm can be pretty amazing? i am definitely feeling this way. 

I hope to be able to blog on my next big adventure this 2013 -- my UK trip! looking back, i don't think i've done a good job narrating the 30 days I've spent in UK back in 2010. It was an emotional memory as i clock many "first-time" in that expedition (i.e flying alone for the first time, going across the globe to a foreign country, landing alone in a part of the world not knowing if i will see Rodman at the arrival gate... )  This trip back to UK came at a perfect time as i kept going on & on about how much i'm missing everything back there. Thankfully bbbbbb had the same thought so we could do this together again. 


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