Friday, March 22, 2013

Reunion: At Rodman's

The Chinese Lunar New year has long gone so i suppose its a good time to bring out those delicacy and start regretting the calories we have since put on :)

My apologies that the entry came too late, but i was busy with [the-usual-stuff] and thought this is no excuses i'll still have to use it -.-"  Trust me when i say i am really guilty about this .. please??? *wink*

... Anyway ever since thing between Rodman& i started getting serious, CNY had from then on became different for us both. We use to do our separate house visitng & celebration but now we try to at least cover reunion dinner together with our families. 

Thankfully for us, the boyfriend's family always held their reunion dinner earlier for they have to set off back to their house in Malacca to celebrate CNY, therefore so far there was one once (this year 2013) that there were clash in the dinner dates and we are fortunate to be able to enjoy dinner together with our families for the rest of the year nevertheless. 

Over at the Goh's, Aunty never fail to impress us with a lot more delicacy on top of the mandatory Steamboat fiesta.   This year was even special as they had invited their extended families over for dinner so the feast was more than we had wished for :)
Aunty's specialty - her soy sauce chicken that tasted like the real thin you would eat at a chicken rice stall.   However i wasnt a lover of tender, jelly-ish white chicken so i can only manage the breast meat (which i still duly loved & recommend to you )

Can you imagine how meticulous she was with her array of food that even the garnishing looks like it came straight out from the chinese restaurant.

The selection of uncooked food for the mandatory steamboat, the color of the food makes it really appealing, i am glad  i had my camera set straight to the correct mode so you can see the actual-ness of the colourful array

Something different from the usual steamboat this year was the sibling's suggestion to take away 奇味鸡 in addition to the chicken stock soup base. All of us are huge fan of this delicacy and with the added  bonus dinner that night was a hit.. especially with this chicken pot that we savour every bit till its dryness.

i learn this year that shabu shabu will be a hit among the younger generations, and most are particular which part of the animal did the meat came from, the hot catch is if its the collar meat.. hmmmm.. 

my favorite food  for all steamboat feast - dried tofu skin.

a huge array of mushroom, each to the liking of one individual that night :)
We got the food arrange & display nicely while awaiting the arrival of the rest of his extended family.  While trying to curb our hunger we joke around & found interest in ang pow packets and the ornaments lying around Rodman's place
aint they adorable?

 As a significant to hoping for a better year ahead, the "Lou Hei" is a ritual that helps to "get over with the old and in with the new".. The ritual is symbolised by the ingredient  place neatly in the centre of a pretty plate while words of blessing is read aloud as it is placed. When all is done, those who wish to earn a bit of the fortunate & blessings from this ritual came forward and "fish"/Lou the ingredient & toss them up the air while shouting prosperous blessings...

This is a practice i wish will not die down because it signifies the Chinese joyous mood & positive hopes more than anything else :)

This is Rodman's sis camera being taken by mine.. i though the whole [camera-shot-camera] feels funny.

The entire waiting actually bores me a little so as we got fidgetive everyone did anything they could to stay away from oogling over the delicious food.
 i did my online shopping...
Rodman's brother & his wife pose for a picture 
and we periodically turn our head to catch a glimpse of the movie that was airing.

not too long after his relatives finally reached & it was dinner time, which i have zero pictures to describe the eating because i was too involve in eating.. but that is how the Reunion dinner at boyfriend's will be like... after dinner they either try to plan for some activities or head our separate ways if we have work tomorrow.... Pretty sweet don tyou think?


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