Monday, April 01, 2013

Bentley & Bella

Nothing particular exciting has been taking place this week, time is spent very well with Rodman and we even manage to steal some short afternoon naps in between to garner energy for the next week. Other than talking about StapleStatement and the upcoming projects in plan for it, i am glad we made the extra effort to drop the work, and concentrate on our WE-time.

First up is the pretty picture Rodman has taken of me while we were hunting for a good deal to purcahse the 60d he has been eyeing for a while. This silly boy knows how to pamper everyone but himself so when it comes to material goods, sometimes its really gets on the nerves when you see him eyeing this one thing for a while, only to push his thoughts away and move on... The same cycle repeats till i can literally predict him about to eye the same item he saw as he walk past the display cabinet.    being a Camera amateur, i know not to comment too much into the specs, but over dinner somedays as he got involve into introducing the 60d  and all itss good quality, i knew i had to get him one!

We all knew good things never comes in unlimited quantity, as said with 60D. The plan was to ditch our good old 450D to get ourselves 60D, but we could not bear to part with the good old camera that has accomapnied us through so much.

it has seen us through so many unforgetable photoshoot.
(this is timmy btw.. inside my stomach)

That night as we were packing 450D to be sold the next day, it was Rodman who was emotional first. He was stroking the camera while telling me to recall the times we bring it along ost of our expediture. I was staying strong at first, only too excited about our new camera, so i decided to take over the packing & put us to bed, leaving the night to end so it could be sum up & settled the next day. 

You can say its fate but that night i had a dream about using 450D, in the dream i had laughter, much thanksgiving & alot of joy. I did not share with Rodman what i had dreamt about at first. But when i finally did, he exclain in surprise he had the same dream, this took place while we onboard the train to the camera shop. So again we left it as it is and try to ignore it.  Once we got to the camera shop, we were first told by the boss that Visa payment will incured 3% charges, so we had to withdraw ready cash to purchase our 60D, as we walked out to the ATM, i suddenly took a quick glance at Rodman only to realize he had done the same. So without hesitant i said aloud " if we are selling 450D away, can i be the buyer?"

Of course Rodman said no! he throw me a sweet & comforted smile, knowing fully well we are both too attached with the camera to give it away. It was that slight seconds from submitting the camera to be sold to the shop but after that quick decision we are more than relieve to just kept it away.   Once we got back to the shop we told the boss we were ready to purchase our camera, but we have decided not to trade in our old model. The Boss looks unusually shock at our news, but he too, can tell how we are both looking much much lighter at heart having know what we ahve just done. 

So here's how we eventually came up with 
our new baby.. meet Bella.... 

having 2 of the cameras is now a benefit to us, as both Rodman and myself enjoy clicking the shutter & learning the rope of capturing beautiful pictures. Rodman has a database of knowledge at the back of his mind and sometimes pops up new stuff for me to learn, it is now a norm if you can spot him playing with his camera - Bella, while i took our old 450d (now named Bentley) to try on some hands-on. we are really happy not parting Bentley for a couple of hundreds, even if it meants spending lesser somewhere else.

i am really grateful to find someone like Rodman who can understand my attachment to items that will not reciprocate the feelings. This is also why when i requested for a pet for our future home, he was always persistant in rejecting it, "sometimes teh attachement gets too overwhelming, it's no surprise if you find it hard to let go, espeically when you dont hve the choice not to"

Thank you for reliving my love for the camera & reignite the spark of reloving time spent with you. 


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