Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Outing with Besties

I've encounter my first experince with positivity vibe, and i am beginning to talk "The Secret" like its a religion, but really, it is just me believing the outcome of being H-A-P-P-Y =))))

So it's really going to sound crazy and unbelievable how the good vibes bring about series of fortunate events, but i'll pen it down anyway =)

bbbbb left for a last-min business trip to Macau and that leaves with me with at least 3 weekdays and 1 weekend by myself. Unlike the usual boring week i've plan in advance to seek asylum at Besties - more known as Mrs Tan now.. haha

We wanted the time spent together to be unlike the usual, thus took special effort to plan a series of event, one most interesting one including cycling at East Coast.

The idea of cycling along East Coast was decided after considering several others:
  1. Hiking along Bukit Timah
  2. Tree top walk
  3. jogging along Macritchie Reservoir
  4. workout at Bishan Stadium
  5. Gym at YCK stadium
  6. Swim

Finally it was set at East Coast! Only problem was i didnt had my ready-navigator (bbbbb who is super good with road navigation via bus/train/walk)

i took up a challenge download gothere.sg, Iris & Iphone Map.. and i found my way... Technology is amazing.

Love the crocheted details on my shorts =)

The Magical Happiness
As i left the house that morning to travel to east coast, Mum woke up and demanded i brought along the umbrella.

The weather that morning did not look promising, the sky was dark and the wind was strong, i knew Mum was right about her premonition, yet i was secretly worried our plan for the day will be compromise given the bad weather - we hadnt plan for a wet-weather program!

However, i exercise my positivity (i know.. this is super irrelevant, and nobody would ever thought of challenging the weather with positivity), i took the umbrella like Mum had advised, left the house, just as it was about to rain. I shelter myself from the slight drizzle and started my journey (earlier than Besties for her distance was shorter)... along the way i whatsapp besties about my excitement (both at exploring new route to ECP and at cycling later) Despite her hint, i excuse the thoughts of the possibility to cancel the plan if it rains. 

At one point i finally texted this "Let's stay positive, this is going to be a pass by rain!!! "

i had no idea how this surge of confident came into me, Besties obviously wasnt going to believe what i had texted. Nevertheless, she was game for turning up at ECP, whether or not we get to do some sports.. She even joke that travelling to ECP for MacDonald breakfast sounds like an equally fantastic idea. 

Eventually i reach ECP and waited for Besties/Besties-in-law at Macdonald/.. the rain was still irritably drizzling, but not too long into our lunch, the sun came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Secret: do not overthink on the possibility of a good outcome. Treat the Universe like a shopping cart, once you've found the item you wish to purchase you only click on the option once before proceeding to checkout the shopping cart. You must be THIS confident that the Universe will deliver to you whatever you've ordered.

We were elated at the beautiful weather and enjoyed our lunch. Besties and i proceeded to rent our bikes and cycled through the park - back n forth, exploring places and watch human, sailer...

We did a couple of stop overs - checking out the people fishing along the jetty, cycling over to watch the sailing boat at a closer distance, at one point the chain on the cycle came loose... Besties cycled back to find me while i was figuring how to fix the chain without getting my hands dirty.

i also make a silly comment on how i find women exceptionally sexy when they dirtied their hands fixing stuff, like Megan fox would look really hot if she had oil stain across her face from change the tyre of a car.... #random.

Both Besties and i eventually got both our hands stain with oil, but like a meticulous health freak, she took out the life-saving supplies of wet-wipes and tissues, inspecting every inch of my fingers to ensure i was "clean"

we cycled to the market place and grab some sugarcane to quench the thirst... Besties got influence by my posivity and she mumbled how happy she was....  My magic is working =)
We then cycled back to the stone area where i did my last jumping shoots, like the picture mis-match here, Sharon n i attempted a couple of failed ones before eventually capturing the right timing...

We rested on the stone and chatted, watching the sun and sea... Then we return the bike as the rental time was due.

Another Happy Moment

Besties and freshen up at the Washing point in ECP, just as we did this the rain came by - suddenly.

i do want to believe this was pure coincidence, but the very moment we were done with our agenda for the afternoon, it as though the Universe knew it had done its job, the rain came pouring down, i thought i had heard some kids complaining how they have only just begun their bike rental

Everthing had happened like it was pre-rehearsed. I took out the umbrella Mum had told me to bring that morning and sheltered both of us to the nearest bus stop.

We did not plan for any activities apart from the cycling trip, and the rain hinted any further outdoor activites seems un-wise. However, this did not dampen our spirit, we explored ECP in the rain, trying to figure how we had use to walk through several HDBs before reaching a bus stop that could bring us "anywhere"..
There came to a point where the rain got too big and the wind was blowing really strong...  i thought to myself "i had to maintain the positivity "

Besties and i seek shelter at the bus stop, unsure of where we should be heading next. We look through the options on the board and pointed our fingers in unanimous, it was decided that we shall grab a bus to City plaza..

Then i look into my bag and immediately - there was my towel all clean and dry!
i got us both wrapped in the towel amist the rain shower and than we were honestly thankful for all the good vibes that was surround us that day!!!

We run through all the "good luck" we had that day, everything that was carefully plotted to ensure the day was fantastic (i missed out the part where besties got lost while travelling to ECP and her hubby miraculously called to inform that he was nearby and picking her up to come meet me - this had happen even though she did not ask for help !)

For once, i thought i felt a strong pat on my back, i had survived trying stay super happy/positive and in return i've enjoyed the fruit of my labor

The eventful Saturday didnt ended just like that.. We headed to City plaza because our finger pointed at the same destination, and i recommended the Poon Nah You Mian i sooooooooooo loved that Pau had introduced me to, Besties enjoyed the noodle so much she is already planning to bring besties-in-law over to try this wholesome goodness....

While shopping,  i also drag besties to the store i knew sold alot of manicure/pedicure products at a huge discount.... At that point besties almost exploded in happiness***The same store would never bring me this much happiness, but Besties was beaming from ear to ear, picking up different materials that she could use... i felt her happiness and this had directly translated into positivity vibes for me...

i pick up some tools i would love to see assembled together. Besties promise to design the most "Kristalised" iphone cover specifically for me. .. this trip to City plaza is soo worth while!!!.... and did i mention that the clothes store owner recognizes me as a regular and took 50% discount off a top i was eyeing.. i end up only spending $18 for a top that could easily cost me $30++ if i had bought it online... i am soooooo happy..

it sounded like i had combine so much stuff just to convince you the power of Positivity... .but i hadnt!   i never had such good deals happening to me all in  a day - or more like - i've never think back on the things that had happened to string into a series of positive events!

Being thankful for every tiny positive things does INDEED attracts more positive stuff to happen to you. If you could immerse yourself into this meagre happiness like i did, you will be feeling "special" because you will feel "pampered" by everyone, everything!

Thank you for the opportunity to smile, thank you for stringing my positivity into more positivity...

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