Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hello!!!!! here today to talk about the outing nights ago... hahaha...

Zhennan (a colleague from my previos work place) metup with PaperStop and i for dinner after their work yesterday..

back to basic make up because eyeshadow just wont stay on my oily eyelid long enuff... i remembering returning back to bbbbbbbbb after one afternoon of exam and there was Charmine all shock staring right into my face... it makes me curious because everyone stare at me for the longest time on my return journey thus i immediately jump into the toilet and got a REAL shock in the mirror... i look like a panda (all thanks to eyeshadow smudge)..


clean make up.. just eyeliner, eyebrow and cheek tint.. why not?

put on the top i bought for mummy when i was in uk.. for a bohemian look... makes me look a tad bigger in size.. but i like it anyway

coupled the outfit with a huge gold ear stud.. and i am ready to go!

met up PaperStop and the camwhore begin....

another shot in the ladies in ION orchard

and Zhennan first dinner with us...

how else to test the pillow PaperStop wanna get.. then to actually lie on them

PaperStop and i walk in Pull&Bear... i had my red polka dot pedicure coupled with purple birken.. and PaperStop did the opposite by wearing a polka dot sandal against her red pedi.. haha... #thefunnythingswedo

love this dress i tried at Zara... a tad small.. ought to shed some weight.. hahaha

green ensemble

the skirt she worn is something i really like but cannot fit in... wahahha...

wanna get the Blue on for work... soon!

end of shopping... i spend the lessest... the Zhennan spent the most...guys are extraordinary random when it comes to shopping..

night ended with more picture... short and splendid


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