Saturday, June 25, 2011

backdated to that friday i hang out with Paperstop and ZN for a movie and lunch date (no pictures of us.. i totally forget)

and before Paperstop arrived, i couldnt contact ZN for i haven got his contacts... so i went shopping at F21 alone.. which wasnt much of a huge deal since i really enjoy shopping F21 alone (and ONLY F21)...

i picked a couple of dress to try but really really like only two..
loving this short dress... which is actually a top but what the hell... i know how floral is officially coming off the chart for the season but wadeva.. i really really love how the cap sleeve and short length makes whoever that shall wear this piece (myself included) feel so sweet and dainty!
a pity it would cost me a hefty damage of S$35 which is half of the pocket money i had given myself every week.. whats gonna happen to the rest of the 6 days of the week if i were to spend S$35 on this piece...

.haiz.... wait till i get my first pay... really.. i will head back for this.. i know it!
here's another piece i would NOT usually wear but i picked it anyhow cos i wanted to see if it would meet the corporate yet different style i was trying for... in case my work environment isnt all that formal and i can incorporate something else apart from blouse and highwaist skirt in my attire.. haha.. you'll never know...
oh btw its like a half bandage skirt attached to a complicated printed spaghetti top with a tied knot at the bust area... pretty unique i would say.. but not exactly formal...

next up i tried on a romper for casual day out... i would not be caught in a romper like this.. but i've seen it on Paperstop a couple of times.. and it looks really cute on her
i wont say the same for me... so this piece is out of my league... haha..

i really like this chiffon crope top where i could layer on top of a normal tank top or a bodycon for a smart day out... the colour on it makes the entire piece looks vibrant...
and i can pull it off as a coverup for beach wear too!!

*disclaimer: by no means should anyone assume i am letting loose of myself to post the following picture for i am assuming the lingerie i worn as one of the bikini i would see myself wearing.. and if you think i am going overboard by posting picture of myself in bikini.. then sorry i've done so a looooooooooooong time ago...
looks pretty good to wear on top of your bikini while tanning on a beach... and on days you do not wish to reveal Timmy....
its easy to pull off on a fatter day in the sun dont you think?


took sooooooooo many picture of it cos i really really wanna get them but it would cost me S$45!!!!! which is sooooooooooo out of the budget now...
but i really like it how????? i need to set aside S$45 by next week so as to get this piece... i dont think i can wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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