Thursday, April 14, 2011

On the verge of purchasing this pieces.. gimme opinions ladies... PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  1. i love love love this piece for the really unique capsleeve shoulder and most important... the v-neck bustier neckline that i so adore....... MUST GET RIGHT?

2. This piece looks really good the first time.. but now that i am blogging about it.... on second look it really doesn't really look that amazing.. only interesting thing is the material... Polyester fibre... which is somewhat like the material you would use in your tent for camping.. so its really good for humid weather in SG... how? opinions pleaseeeeee

3. omg.. gonna rant about this piece... looks really amazing.. coupled with leggins and a biker jacket RIGHT? only thing is when worn alone.. its a simple piece of no-curve-piece-of-cloth... and knowing how Korea/Taiwan works.. the pictures shows that its really tight at the bottom.. i am assuming it wouldnt when the good arrive... how?

4. This next piece is a fantasy piece i contemplate on getting since i was........ 18 yr old going into attachment in the Nokia IT support team back in Alexandra park... many many years later (now that i am 24...) i saw it online again and that feeling comes back.. what do you think of this 6-years love-hate affair?... i had a HUGE birthmark on my back so wearing bareback dress will require a HUGE amount of courage.. even if its only half-expose

5. Last choice says "SOLD OUT" when i click on it.. but i might be able to find another supplier within the vicinity that would carry the same stuff... i really love how it looks really elegant when put on....... should i??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. loving this piece.. not sure if i can pull off.. but really sweet!!

7. and this one... probably between 6 and 7 i have to settle on one only..

leave a comment after the post if you could please do so...... i am stuck and need an answer soon cos the rest are making order already!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I think the number five look good..

Anonymous said...

by the way im jean:P