Friday, June 19, 2015

5 months married

So we have been married for 5 months now...  

i used to rely on Rodman for transport around after work (take train to work hor, u think what)... but i hated the motion sickness i suffer from taking train/bus..

In fact the motion sickness got so bad i can board a crowded bus for less than 30secs then beg the driver to let me out, this one time experience was so bad that i didnt dare board any public transport (nor consider cab because Pandan smell is a pain too), i ended up cancelling on Bitch on our very rare meetup, then sit alone under a strange void deck crying my heart out (without tissue, my God Tissue MUST be pack under any situation in future)... 

....anyway.... i called my parents crying & scared them real bad, i gave them a rough description of my location but am unable to reveal anymore. Dont blame Rodman for not showing up because he was busy organising his company's annual Dinner & i threaten to run away if he leaves the dinner premises.. So Rodman beg my parents for help & gave them my location (because he is a PRo, like a real street smart fellow..) & finally after a whirlwind of emotion that spreads over 3 hours, i was picked up by my parents, driven & fed then sent home (My  parent's place)  where i spend the night and the NEXT 3 DAYS after falling in & out of fever.. 

i guess i was scared real scared, that could trigger the ongoing fever, but whatever the case public transport gives me the creep till today... (and that only took place in march 2015 hahaha)

Anyway, i got lucky & work calls for me to get myself a form of transportation so Timmy came along
& Rodman & i spent lesser time together in the morning:(

You know how couple can hold their hands & take the long journey to work together? Yeah we dont do that anymore, but weekend comes along & we still cherish every moment we can spend together lah, so i guess i cannot complaint (afterall Timmy serves as a very very good companion to save me from the strange motion sickness i developed from MRT/bus. 

So for the past like 5 months we've been married we have stayed together at his parents' place. Thanks again to the new duties at work i hardly spent enough time at home so i appreciate even days when we did simple stuff such as watching 5 consecutive  Stephen Chow's movie over Sunday. Even if there was some whining, it had to come from me because Rodman is such a patient (& boring) guy that doing nothing does not irritate him a single bit. So i guess we make a good couple huh? we compliment each other's flaws.. i am unusually someone who sleeps alot (i sometimes consider myself to be insomnia) but thanks to the very dry things we do over the weekend now, i sometimes sleep up to later afternoon then grab a bite before taking another short nap haha.. 

Then again, i cannot say we are living a bad lives because we do more sports than i would have done in my entire life. With him i feel motivated especially because he always seems to win me in alot of things & i enjoy competition. Every now & then we think we had enough then plan for a mini vacation out of Singapore. The last one being Phuket & man it was so enjoyable i wished we had more time together.. 

I know i haven had much to brag especially since we've only been married for 5 months, but i a glad to say we are still walking the show of our very honeymoon period. Which i will consider an achievement since afterall, i knew him since i was fourteen!! Dated him when i was twenty-one then married him now that i turn twenty-eight. They say its a different lives once we got married, but hey, didnt they also say its a different lives once we started dating?.......     Rodman & i have walked past a century of knowing each other i think we can do a bit more.. 

So 5 months into the marriage and there you have, a short summary of us... no i haven't gotten duties & responsibilities since we have the advantage of staying with my in-law who really takes care of the house very well.. but i might drop by some months later & update when the duties roll... i am happily married & still very much in love with this special man, i still feel fluttery talking about him.. so yeah... signing off for now :)

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