Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The boy in striped pajamas

you know you have a good book when you've finished reading them in 3 hours, and that was exactly what i did with this one...  a book that captivates me long enuff to finish till the last page & still ponder on the subject being raise. 

Had it not been for the German Dachau Concentration Camp in Munich that i've visited, it wouldnt have triggered my interest in the same topic. Atlas, the book was amazing & very sad towards the end, but somehow i found it hard to feel sadness/pitiness for Bruno's family, perhaps knowing what his Dad was doing during Bruno's exploring.    

The war then was a subject too sensitive to be brought up even till today, what's left are memories that we investigate & feelings we thought we can conclude from the experience. I heard there's even a movie on this novel & now i;m not too sure i can hold my tear if i were to watch it. 

Although bbb and i didnt do Munich till our last part of the trip, it was one that left a pretty deep impression. Clarinda had planned for us to understand the country in a interesting way. I had requested to trouble her with the task of planning our itinerary and she didn't fail.

The visit to Dachau concentration camp was a worthy one, it was raining slightly when we arrived, but that did not dampen our spirit, having minimal knowledge of the War that had taken place was helpful, bbbb & i had to read on most of the exhibit in order to understand what needs to be understand.


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