Wednesday, November 06, 2013

October's gone..

i'm cutting myself some slacks & backlogging quite a few trips, some dated a while back.

I tried my hands on making beef goulash yesterday, 
after getting hooked on the delicious aftertaste it leaves on my tongue having tasted it in Germany. 
Thankfully, it was a success with lotsa of praises especially from bbbb, 
otherwise i would have sigh at the loss of a fine bottle of red wine from 2009.  

In addition, there was the Cordan Bleu, 
that still receives much raving from bbbbb
All thanks to the secret receipe by Clar, 
i wouldnt have done it any simpler. 
I went down raw & made my own breadcrumb for this dish
and i must say, without the finely toasted bread, 
it wouldn't taste as good, so thumbs up to Clar!

Also, bbbb & i have been toying with the idea of another holiday,
ever so casually rest assuring each other the vacation will come soon
We even set off on a short weekend getaway in Batam
the massage & fine food with this family makes up for the 
deprivation of our back-from-UK woes. 

The weather has not been in our favor, 
there were news of flood everywhere!
i am trying to schedule a weekly run & get my momentum back on track 
but each time the determination set forth for a run after work
the storms charges in & changes everything, 
perhaps its a good chance to meddle with Gary's roller exerciser i saw lying around his room last night.
Gonna get those fats tuck away inside the body (or better, get rid of them)

Also, i am increasingly worried for the balding patches around my forehead and will resort to cutting the fringe off into a straight bangs, 
while reluctantly chopping off inches of my locks till it's no longer "heavy" for my head. 
i browse through some old pictures of myself & man, do i have hair!

My forehead full of head... now there are space in between & without teasing them ever so often, 
they look really bald.. 
i am depressed :( 
This makes for such a bad comparison, but this are one of those moments that i hadn't bother to tease the hair before taking that shot. 
Notice how a obvious portion of my crown shows signs of thinning. 
This is not good, NOT good.. 
i am investing a bit more on hair products, 
i've learn my lesson, gimme back some fringes please?

Also, if you can't tell from the pic above, 
we attended a halloween party at his cuz, 
not so much of a scare-factor night, but our costumes were real hardwork
The overall effect was a success, the night can be consider a Halloween night alright!

i played the role of a chinese bride here, while bbb's sister played the vietnam bride, 
and bbbb himself played the role of Mr Adam from Adam's Family, with a secret mission to kill with a mask (not shown here). 
The party was well -thought & even some of the food were made to look like creepy crawlies, 
overall, the prata station - once again- attracted the most crowd, 
credits & kudos to the planners - bbbb's wonderful cousins!

So all's left now is to await the upcoming Christmas & year end parties , but not before we work full force at work to get through the peak period. i can't wait for 2014 to come, it's gonna be so much fun!


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