Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a rather impromptu trip planned with PaperStop sometime last week, i had lost touch with the world for some time already thus the outing was something i was thankful for...

Despite my poor and meagre pocket money per week, i manage to save enough to ensure i had the best of the meal in the only outing i can attend each week, thus dinner was settled at TCC over at somerset.
Before i begin i would like to rant a little about how i miss buying clothes.. haha.. F21 had the nicest range of clothing this period of time while i am jobless and stranded on budget and PaperStop, my shopping kaki, spare me no chance and that girl end up purchasing a couple of dresses (which she wont need) while i tighten the string attached to my heart and reject all the piece i've picked...
on a positive note, over the weekend the dearest bbbbbbbbb brought his mum, sis and me over to Cityplaza and i satisfy my undying love for clothes buy purchasing 2 very very cheap but chic pieces of dress... more on it in another posting....
dinner at TCC is such luxury especially in town where WirelessSG is readily available.... we were also thankful for PaperStop's Mac book Air which was such an intelligent piece of .........metal (haha) with great picture quality...
dinner was served and i order the all time favourite of mine.. dun ask me the name cos i use pointing of finger to indicate what i want (but if you ask me its like the Marinara version of Oglio-Olio... yums!)

PaperStop had pasta soak in what tasted like Miso+cheese sauce... the salmon that comes with it and the Sunny side up make such good combination.....

extra shot of Kristal since.... i haven put make up since forever.... THANK.GOD.ITS.OUTING.. T.G.I.O

We shared a side... mushroom wrapped in dumpling skin... not too bad the taste.. why i wonder why deep-fried mushroom are not served in TCC..... isnt deep-fried-mushroom a better option than dumpling-wrap mushroom? Argh

you can probably see how much fun we were having via her Macbook Air

Paperstop seriously looking though every picture, deleting what were deem as "lousy shots"

We order Dessert too! no actual pictures taken cos we were too engross with it by then.....

Not too long after dinner... we've decided to walk a little towards istana park to digest the indulgence... i;ve brought baby-D450 so it was photo taking after the Mac Book Air had done its job...

My top is from TheStageWalk.lj, a really good blogshop set up by a dear friend of mine,
the short i was wearing is NewFuture denim short from any store in Bugis Store.. hurhur
on my feet was Birkenstock in quirky purple from Schu-UK

Hair was disgusting swipe to the side Bang that had outgrew the standard length

i cant tell what PaperStop was wearing but she always had great sense of fashion style.. so here's her combination

It is to my most unfortunate and *ignorance that Giraffe has officially cease operation since God-Knows how long ago... however, the foutain besides it is still the perfect spot to take great pictures.....

PaperStop jump shot.. we've never fail to do this each time a DSLR was taken out... the previously outing with Fireman we had him take the jump-shot for us but he failed!

oops.. my NATURAL assets exposed.. hahhaa

jump-walking shots... thankyouverymuch

taking a break from the nonsensical picture..

i'll jump...... i can swim.. but i dun wan to be seen waddling through the water with those dried leaves...

450D night shot can be so well taken once you get the hang of still-camera.. haha

a round of formal shots later.... we've decided to end the nights with 4 really random shots of us... which i SO loved....

and thus marks the end of one fantastic night with PaperStop... till the next babe!

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