Friday, August 24, 2007

sometimes whether u like it or not life has to move on..
i am burnig inside with the desire to just strip completely, and along with those heavy moments,
throw off my clothes and all that shouldn't have matter

i hate my man, yet he was the sweetest,.. yesterday final rehearsal had been madness, models refusing to wear their shoes, models demanding to change their outfit, models forcing me to attached funny extra stuff on their shoes.. for a minute i was shattered. Glad the event team leader Jess took it all pretty well. A word from her sometimes means a million to me

i am like a manger-employee, slave-queen, supervisor-servant kind of person. sometimes i felt i really had to be treated badly, other times i wish they would have spare me that extra comment. i feel neglected when everyone is showing me the attention!

its like, in a few days time, the face behind those thing u wear on ur foot will be reveal, the anxiety and anticipation holds my breath. i needed to breathe.. i need that extra arm to push me to move.

my besties were supportive, though some actions sometimes make me feel the agony. When something is gone once, it will never come back again.

look at the mess!!! ur shoes are my babies now!!!

to relax a bit. denise plans a break the fifties- cam whoring session, so we tried our best, give all we could and took pic after pic to lighten the mood we were all in.

i really couldn't describe the feelings i am holding inside me now.. one day i will strip it all..

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